The Hamilton Pen Company Gift Guide 2020

Our Ultimate Guide to Gift Giving This Holiday Season.


‘Tis the season of gift giving and showing those around us that we care. Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, The Hamilton Pen Company has compiled our 2020 gift guide to help inspire you. Whether you are looking for a gift for family or friends you will find something for everyone in our vast collection of writing equipment, stationery and accessories. There’s even the Hamilton Hut for more unusual gifts and delightful toys for the young and young at heart. Our 2020 gift guide is based on some of our most popular best sellers, favourites of the Hamilton Pen Company team and ideas based on the gift trends for 2020 - it is by no means an exhaustive list so explore our website for more inspiration. Something taken your fancy? simply click its name and find yourself in Santa's workshop (or our online shop if the elves are busy!). Don’t forget - if you are not already on our mailing list then sign up today and enjoy exclusive discounts and content every month...treat yourself!

Without further ado… here is our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2020!

For the Artists

It sometimes flies under the radar that The Hamilton Pen Company stocks a delectable array of art supplies, everything from brush pens, crayons, professional artists pencils, calligraphy sets and all manner of delights. Here are some of our suggestions for gifts for the Arty people in your life, whether novice or professional, doodler or Dali, graphite pencil-ist or graphic designer - we have something for everyone! But here are some of our top picks…

Caran d'Ache Metallic Creative Box


Caran d’Ache is bringing back the art of sending greetings cards with this set. Everything about this gift set screams festive season from the gorgeous metallic colour products to the delightful designs. Ideal for adults and children alike.

The Metallic Creative Box consists of 12 cards to colour and 9 festively metallic fibre tipped pens and coloured pencils. With 2 blank cards included you can show off your own personal style

Chameleon Pens - 52 Pen Super Set


Chameleon Art Products are professional quality and innovative art tools! Unlocking the world of colour with Chameleon Art Products allows for a level of control and finesse unlike any other. With blendability from the source and unlimited colour combinations, Chameleon Art Products are a unique patented design which helps you achieve the results of your dreams. No matter whether you are a professional, a student, an aspiring artist or a curious kid, Chameleon Art Products are well suited to all!

This set is the ultimate gift for any fan of Chameleon as it contains all of the smaller sets in one bumper pack! Among the 52 pen set you can blend and mix to create endless colour combinations! 

Staedtler Ergosoft Aquarell Watercolour Pencils - 24 Assorted Colours


These exceptional watercolour pencils are a must-have for any artist who enjoys the process of using watercolour pencils.  The  Ergosoft Aquarell triangular watercolour pencils from Staedtler feature the unique anti-break system (ABS) - the white protective coating on the pencil’s core reinforces the lead and increases break resistance. Presented in a stand up box and with the ergonomic triangular shape, these pencils are a gorgeous addition to any artist's kit.

Sakura Pigma Professional Brush Pen Set - Black


Brush pens are absolutely having a moment -and we can totally see why! Brush lettering is absolutely beautiful and can be achieved even by the self-professed ‘non-creatives’. The Sakura Pigma professional brush pen set makes for a wonderful stocking filler or  main gift. From super fine hairlines to big, bold strokes, the Pigma Professional Brush Pen offers the ultimate in versatility.  These durable brush nibs respond to instant changes in pressure or direction with a silky smooth, accurate and consistent ink flow.  The deep black, archival quality Pigma ink ensures the mark will last a lifetime.

Artists who prefer brushes will appreciate the flexibility of a portable brush with continual ink flow, avoiding the need to dip the brush and carry messy inks. Manga and comic artists, illustrators, and lettering art professionals will enjoy the expressiveness of thick to thin strokes with ease and fluidity.

This set contains one pen each of the 3 sizes: FB, MB, and BB. Black ink only. 



Noteworthy Notepads

Is there anything better than opening a fresh, crisp notebook? A high quality, attractive notebook is a wonderful gift for anyone, whether a student, teen, man or woman. The Hamilton Pen Company has a vast collection of general and specific notebooks perfect for the office, home and hobbies. Whether you have a dedicated journaller, someone who enjoys creating recipes, a hardcore bullet journaller, a sketch artist or someone who loves having a notebook to hand for all of lifes musing, put a smile on their face this year with a wonderful notebook or folio.

Leuchtturm1917 Medium (A5) Hardcover Bullet Journal - Emerald


Leuchtturm is well established as one of the best creators of brilliant notebooks so when they joined forces with the creator of The Bullet Journal Method we knew it was only a matter of time before these notebooks became a bestseller!

The Bullet Journal is the analog system for the digital age. It allows you to easily track the past, and plan for the future. It provides a simple to learn modular framework that allows users to infinitely customise their Bullet Journals to their needs. Backed by a growing global community of hundreds of thousands, the Bullet Journal sits at the intersection between productivity and mindfulness.


  • Bullet journal guide with instructions on establishing your journal.
  • 240 numbered pages.
  • Blank table of contents.
  • 8 perforated and detachable sheets.
  • Expandable pocket in rear cover.
  • 3 page markers and elastic enclosure band.
  • Thread bound so able to open flat.
  • Stickers for labelling and archiving.
  • Ink proof and acid free 80gsm paper.
  • Dotted pages.

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone who already enjoys Bullet Journalling or someone who would revel in the organisational satisfaction of using a bullet journal, you can't go wrong with the Leuchtturm Bullet Journal. 

Castelli Travel Journal - Pearl Red


Although travel may be on hiatus at the moment, this travel journal is the ideal gift for the hodophile in your life! Castelli has created the journal suited to every journey you could dream of, with page after page of travel information and ways to describe and document your experiences and thoughts, you'll be giving Michael Palin a run for his money! 

Use your world map to plot your travels and to plan the next exciting destination. The Castelli Travel Journal also includes a black fabric elasticated pen loop, holding a wooden triangular FSC approved pencil, perfect for travelling.

The Travel Journal is a handy medium sized book wrapped in a textured Arizona matt material featuring a world embossed emblem on the front cover. Every page is section sewn with real thread to ensure you never lose a page.

Page format is white ruled, 112 pages with ribbon marker.

Approximate size: 150mm x 210mm

Off Lines Small Leather Pad - Cognac


The leather pad from Off Lines is a class act! It is hand-made from soft black nappa leather and contains single refillable sheets of off-white 90 gsm bleach-free paper, held in place with an elasticated band. Thanks to its unique and practical shape, the notepad will fit comfortably in your pocket ready to capture your thoughts and ideas whilst on the go.

There is a credit card slot on the inside of the pad which also has a pen loop and comes with two spare blocks of paper refills each containing 100 sheets.

We recommend the Kaweco Liliput pen as the perfect accompaniment to this notepad.



Approximate pad size is 110mm x 77mm, paper size 105mm x 74mm.

Do not worry though, the embossing on the images is for reference only and your pad will be sleek and stylish ready to be enjoyed by a lucky recipient!

Leuchtturm1917 Some Lines A Day 5 Year Diary - Nordic Blue

Pen not included


This is a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys a touch of reminiscence and nostalgia! Leuchtturm1917 Some Lines A Day Notebook, the 5 year memory book, is just the thing for a complete diarist! Each page represents a day of the year and is divided into 5 blocks so your notes for each of 5 years on that particular day can be seen, instantly enabling you to be reminded of your thoughts 1, 2 ,3, 4 or 5 years ago.

  • 365 Pages.
  • Medium A5 size 145mm x 210mm.
  • Available in 4 colours with matching page marker and elastic closure band.
  • Fountain pen friendly 80gsm paper.
  • Gusseted pocket for loose notes.
  • Sticker for archive and labelling.

Available in colours Black, Nordic Blue, Orange and Sand.

Archie's Leather B5 Notebook - Dark Chocolate Brown


Looking for something special? This stunning leather notebook cover from Archie's Calligraphy is pure luxury! Handmade in Poland, this is a really striking notebook cover crafted from Italian high-grade soft and supple leather with a textile lining that has the appearance of chamois and as it is B5 sized it can be used with a range of inserts. Stylish, traditional and utterly beautiful, this is a real statement piece that will remain with you for years!

The notebook contains 120 B5 sheets (240 pages) of 100g paper, ideal for writing with fountain or calligraphy pens and utilises the same paper as used in Archie's Calligraphy pads. The paper works well with most available inks and there is no feathering or bleeding, and see-through is minimal so it is possible to write on both sides of the page.

The notebook is printed with a delicate light brown dot grid but with slightly larger dots every 1cm, and every 1/3cm smaller dots are printed. This allows you to use the notebook both for everyday writing with a fountain pen and for most calligraphy styles (eg Italic or Copperplate) for which the division of the row into 3 is more natural than in 2. In addition, it will certainly meet with the approval of people whose handwriting is smaller than 5 mm! Four page markers are attached.

Available in a choice of 6 colours - divine!


Think Ink

Bottled Ink is one of those little luxuries in life that brings great pleasure to many. From writing to artistry, bottled ink is a pleasure to use and with so many options available, you’re sure to find one that will please! We have a brilliant collection of inks from some of the biggest and most celebrated names in the industry so for our 2020 gift guide we are bringing you some of the most desirable ink gift sets which not only give the recipient a wonderful opportunity to try a collection of colours but these also make great gifts for those who both enjoy the art of displaying their inks but also like to take inks out for on-the-go use. Plus, as a bonus, almost all of these sets are presented in gift pop a bow and gift tag on and you're good to go! No more wrestling the wrapping paper and spending hours searching for the end of the tape!

Pilot Iroshizuku Ink - Boxed Set of Three Mini Inks


This gorgeous ink set is a wonderful gift and an ideal way to experience a range of colours from the incredible Pilot iroshizuku ink collection. Enjoy Japan's rich and subtle colour aesthetic as you write with Iroshizuku fine fountain pen ink. Choose any 3 of 24 vibrant and exciting colours all presented in 15ml bottles and presented in a gift box.

Choose any 3 inks, add to your basket and the price will discount to £39 when the third one is added.

The name "iroshizuku" is a combination of the Japanese words "iro" (colouring) expressing high standards and variation of colours, and "shizuku" (droplet), which embodies the very image of dripping water.

Each ink name derives from the expressions of beautiful Japanese natural landscapes and plants, all of which contribute to the depth of each individual hue. Enjoy Japan's rich and subtle colour aesthetic as you write.

Pilot has always manufactured its own inks, renowned throughout the world and guaranteeing fine quality to the tip of your pen!

Ferris Wheel Press Ink Charger Set - Original Trio Palette


We have been big fans of Ferris Wheel Press since we began stocking their products in 2019. Ferris Wheel Press pieces make excellent gifts not just because they are wonderful products but because every detail is considered from the product itself to the packaging.

The brand states that Ink deserves to be inspiring from the moment you receive it, to when you draw it into your pen, it should remind you of the magic of writing.

The Ferris Wheel Press Ink Charger Set contains three 5ml vials of ink that can be carried with you on your travels which of course can be re-used with your favourite inks when empty. The Original Trio Palette contains colours Bluegrass Velvet, Candy Marsala and Tanzanite Sky. Other sets are available with different ink colour combinations so you can find the set to perfectly represent the personality of the recipient of this gift.

J Herbin Scented Ink Set


What is better than beautiful inks? Beautiful scented inks! These exquisitely charming inks, lightly scented and presented as a set of 5 elegant 10ml bottles, are perfect for fountain pens since they are naturally scented and do not contain pigments.

Herbin scented inks are made from floral water (hydrosols) of rose, orange, lavender, cocoa, apple and violets. The hydrosols used by J. Herbin come from Grasse, France, a Provencal town long associated with the perfume industry, and famous for its floral scents.

    Fashioned with great care, scented inks are inspired by a tradition that began in Italy in the 19th century. J. Herbin and other manufacturers used to collect different scents from the perfume industry and add them to their inks.

    Known as “Les Subtiles” (The Subtle), each ink matches fragrance and color:

    Blue ink - Lavender scented

    Brown ink - Cocoa scented

    Red ink - Rose scented

    Purple ink - Violet scented

    Amber ink - Orange scented

    This set would make for a delightful gift to please all the senses and bring joy back to writing!

    J Herbin Calligraphy Ink Set - 4 Colours


    Another wonderful gift from J Herbin, the calligraphy ink set. A set of four different coloured calligraphy inks in 10ml bottles, this ink contains natural resins allowing the ink to adhere to the metal nib, but flow smoothly and consistently. Perfect for all aspects of calligraphy and artistic work but not recommended for use in fountain pens. The popularity of calligraphy has risen during 2020 so this is a great present for anyone who has recently picked up the skill or long term lovers of the art form.

    Colours included in this set: Black, Blue, Red and White.

    Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year 2020 - Moonstone


    We couldn't complete the ink section of our 2020 gift guide without including the stunning Edelstein ink of the year - moonstone. The Edelstein Ink Collection is manufactured using a special ingredient that ensures extra smooth writing and care for the fountain pen.

    The German word Edelstein translates as gemstone, and each colour corresponds to the beautiful colouring of a gem. Every 50ml glass bottle is unique. The rich weight and soft curves make it a pleasure to hold in your hands. Moonstone is a warm silvery grey with complex undertones of yellow which create a beautiful and understated ink which is a pleasure to write with. The bottle looks striking on display and makes for a thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys writing with ink.

    All about the Accessories!

    I don't know about you, but my favourite part of the Christmas dinner is the accompaniments! All the delectable additions which make the turkey just that bit more special! In this section of The Hamilton Pen Company Ultimate Gift Guide 2020 we bring you all the mouth-watering side dishes that well and truly steal the show!

    Makers Cabinet Høvel Pencil Plane


    Having recently posted an article about the charming Høvel pencil plane, we couldn't not include it in our gift guide! This pencil sharpener functions as a miniature plane, allowing you the freedom to achieve any point you like without the hassle of breaking the lead of your pencils like a typical sharpener sometimes does. It can be used as a long point sharpener, a flat sharpener, similar to the result you would achieve with a chisel or knife, or even for making very short and sturdy points.

    The blades are easily changed without the need for any tools by using the thumb screw that fastens everything together. The solid brass Høvel weighs in at around 90 grams and has a great weighted feel in the hand. Being a precision machined brass piece, Høvel will age beautifully and is made to last a lifetime. The Høvel comes with 10 replacement blades in the box.


    Makers Cabinet Wooden Base for Høvel Pencil Plane - Walnut


    An optional wooden base is perfect for your desk and collects the shavings as you sharpen. Or, if you are on the go you can bring your Høvel along safely stored in one of the purpose made leather sheaths. This item is the epitome of style and substance with perfection engineering and incredible style.

    e+m Cube Lead Sharpener


    I had to include these wonderful little stocking fillers! The Cube by e+m is a delightful dice-like sharpener which will sharpen leads of 5.6mm in diameter. Available in a choice of wood finishes. Simple and elegant!

    PAP Zassa Pencil Case - Tan

    Pens not included


    If you are looking for the perfect gift for the person who has an extension collection of writing equipment but never anywhere to keep them then the PAP Zassa pencil case is the ideal present! The PAP Zassa Pencil Case has the capacity for several pens or pencils and other items if required and is beautifully designed . Hand made in Sweden from quality hide that has been tanned exclusively with natural tannins of vegetable origin in Tuscany, Italy it is an elegant and stylish piece that will be treasured.

    J Herbin Ceramic Inkwell


    We adore this fun ink well and are sure that anyone who receives this as a gift will love it too! Reminiscent of old school desk wells, this charming white ceramic inkwell is perfect for storing ink and looks great in the process! The beech wood stand brings a contemporary edge to this inkwell. 

    Ystudio Classic Paperweight - Brass


    A classic gift for the person who enjoys things being in their right place and enjoys stylish organisation solutions! The Ystudio Paperweight is a weighty item machined from a solid block of brass - perfect for keeping desktop papers in place.

    This piece is very on trend and although designed as a paperweight it has an almost sculptural feel to it and would look striking on any desk as decoration or used for its intended purpose. 

    From The Hamilton Hut

    The Hamilton Hut is the place to go for lifestyle gifts and uniquely quaint gifts for children. 

    Lifestyle Gifts

    If you are looking for something a little different, why not visit the Hamilton Hut for our curated collection of high quality gifts.

    Lexon Mino TWS Pairable Bluetooth Speaker - Blue


    The Lexon Mino bluetooth speaker is a proper little cutie! But don't be deceived, standing just 35mm high, this little speaker packs a mighty punch with a 3w output and is extremely portable.

    • Pairable with other Mino speakers.
    • Usage time 2 hours, charge time 30 minutes.
    • Built in microphone for conference calls.
    • Remote for taking selfies with phone or tablet.
    • Rechargeable with USB cable (supplied).

    The Lexon Mino comes in a vast array of styles and colours...perfect for the whole family! 

    Lund Skittle Straw for Life


    The Lund Skittle Straw is reuseable and collapsible meaning it can be carried around both easily and stylishly. The pocket size straw is manufactured from high grade stainless steel and is safe for use in dishwashers.

    Available in a choice of 10 smart colour options that complement the Skittle Bottle collection. The straws make a great stocking filler and are excellent for the holiday season and throughout the year. This is gifting with a conscience.

    S.T. Dupont Minijet Lighter - Brushed Chrome


    This elegant lighter makes a wonderful gift. Designed to get you noticed, the compact S.T. Dupont Minijet Lighter in brushed chrome with chrome finish is created to fit perfectly in the hand and has a powerful torch flame for performance you can rely on in all conditions. 

    Dimensions 55mm x 33mm x 12mm, weighs 50.3g when empty and is presented in an S.T. Dupont gift box. 

    Supplied without gas due to shipping restrictions.

    For The Kids…

    The littlies in our lives bring so much joy so why not treat them to something a bit different this year...we have rejected all things cheap and plastic in place of these finely crafted, beautifully designed toys and games which are sure to excite and entertain.

    Londji Balancing Game - The Acrobat Brothers


    Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, roll up, roll up to see the talented balancing Acrobat Brothers!!

    This stimulating balancing game from Londji, is designed to test patience and creativity. Crafted from recycled wood, this set comprises of ten different sized acrobats, and ten individual colourful stickers to customise each acrobat. 

    Experiment to see how many different ways you can get these talented acrobat brothers to balance on top of each other!

    A traditional and engaging game that will be sure to provide hours of fun for the family. Beautifully crafted and presented in a beautifully decorated tin, The Acrobat Brothers will be sure to bring the theatre to you!

    Londji Dominoes - Penguins & Friends 



    The Penguins & Friends set of Dominoes are stunningly illustrated and fun for all the family. Dominoes are an ideal way to break up the monotony of tedious journeys and keep the children entertained as well as for those chilly days at home.

    Presented in a beautifully illustrated recycled cardboard presentation box, this stimulating and traditional game will challenge the mind!

    Londji Puzzle - Go to the Future


    Fly into the future with Londji's 100 piece puzzle, 'Go to the future' for all of the intrepid time travellers.....

    Whimsically illustrated by Sebastia Serra, with time travelling characters and space creatures; this puzzle takes your expectations into other worlds!

    Great for all of the family to join in and play!

    Made from both recycled paper and cardboard and presented in a sleek sturdy recycled illustrated cardboard box, this is sure to make an excellent gift!  

    Londji Mini Kaleidoscope - Space Eye


    A lens that converts reality into small poetic fragments! Wonderfully illustrated with an adventurous and brave spaceman. A classic kaleidoscope - with a twist! Perfect little stocking filler for the curious

    Londji Mini Kaleidoscope - Penguins


    A lens that converts reality into small poetic fragments and lovingly illustrated with Londji's portly penguins! A classic kaleidoscope  - with a twist! Perfect as a stocking filler

    Londji Finger Puppets - Animals of the Jungle


    Unleash the imagination of your children with this stunning theatre of wild animal finger puppets! The theatre surround and stage is easily constructed, consisting of three flat parts of beautifully illustrated eco-friendly recycled card. 

    The charismatic elephant, giraffe, lion and zebra finger puppets are made of anti-allergenic wool and will doubtlessly provide hours of entertainment for the little ones, and no doubt for the parents too! 

    Writing Wrapped Up!

    You didn't think we would compile a list of gifts for 2020 without including writing equipment did you? Well, there are so many pens and pencils in a huge variety of modes and designs that it is safe to say that if you have someone in your life who enjoys writing equipment in any sense at all, there will definitely be something perfect for them at The Hamilton Pen Company! But to get you inspired, here are some fabulous gift sets, some of our best sellers and some of the more unusual pens and pencils available! 

    Blackwing Starting Point Set


    Would you like to try the famous Blackwing pencils but are not sure which model is best for your needs? Or are you looking for the perfect gift to introduce the artist or maker in your life to the world of Blackwing? The Blackwing Starting Point Set is perfect for you!

    The Blackwing Starting Point Set contains the following:

    • 4 Blackwing pencils with a range of Soft, Balanced, Firm and Extra-firm graphite.
    • 2 Point Guards that keep your pencil from breaking on the go, 1 black, 1 gold.
    • 1 Black Long Point Sharpener that uses a two-step process to first sharpen the wood before precision sharpening the graphite.
    • 2 packs of replacement erasers to ensure your pencil is always functional, 1 black, 1 white.

    Caran d'Ache 849 Ballpoint Pen Gift Set - Victorinox Red


    The Caran d'Ache 849 Ballpoint Pen Gift Set contains an 849 ballpoint pen and a Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army pocket tool. The colour of the pen is a beautiful deep rich red designed to perfectly match the colour of the Victorinox tool which contains a pair of mini scissors, a small blade, a file with screwdriver tip, a plastic toothpick, compact metal tweezers and a keyring attachment.

    Fitted with the legendary Caran d'Ache Goliath refill in colour blue with a medium tip and presented in a gift box.


    By placing an order for one of these items you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over. These items must be used responsibly and appropriately.

    Delivery of age restricted items can only be delivered to the address on the shipping label and a signature of the recipient will be required upon delivery. Proof of ID may be required.

    Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer Fountain & Ballpoint Pen Gift Set


    In this special edition gift set, discover a pair of Parker pens featuring a matching Fountain Pen and Ballpoint packaged together in an elegantly refined gift box. This set gives any writer the flexibility of choosing between two writing modes to perfectly suit any writing occasion.

    The fountain pen included in this set comes with a polished steel medium nib and a blue Parker Quink ink cartridge, the ballpoint is fitted with a blue medium refill.

    Packaged in its refined gift box, this set is a superb choice for a thoughtful gift.

    Fisher Bullet Space Pen & Leather Pouch - Gold


    Fisher Bullet Space Pen & Leather Pouch Gift Set presented in an elegant gift box!

    The Bullet Space Pen became the flagship of the Fisher Space Pen Co soon after its introduction in 1948 and has continued to become an icon of American writing equipment and 20th Century design, having featured in exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

    Manufactured in Nevada, USA, this pen is produced to exacting standards and utilises Fisher's tungsten carbide ballpoint and patented visco-elastic ink in a pressurised cartridge. As a result, the Fisher Space Pen can write in the most demanding environments:

    • In the zero gravity vacuum of space
    • In extreme heat up to 200°C
    • In extreme cold to -20°C
    • Underwater
    • Upside down
    • On grease

    This pen is fitted with an SPR4 black medium point refill.

    Axel Weinbrecht Beta Pen - Copper


    Before the invention of the pencil, medieval scholars would use a silver tip to draw fine lines. This is the idea behind a collection of useful, contemporary writing instruments from Axel Weinbrecht Design in Germany. The pens will last a lifetime and can be used on every paper surface and will rarely if ever need sharpening. There is no ink so it can't dry up or leak and consequently these pens are unaffected by extremes of temperature or climatic conditions.

    This pen has a soft alloy tip that will leave a written line on paper and other surfaces. The tip can be sharpened by using fine sandpaper but it is unlikely you will need to sharpen it often. At 163mm long, this is the same size as many everyday pens but lasts forever! Stunningly designed, this is sure to be a well received gift. 

    Kaweco Perkeo Calligraphy Set - Blue


    The Kaweco Perkeo Calligraphy Set consists of a complete Perkeo fountain pen with a 1.1mm italic nib, as well as two front sections that are fitted with the nib sizes 1.5mm and 1.9mm. These are easily interchanged by simply unscrewing them and each section is coloured a different shade of blue for instant recognition of the nib size.

    The Set includes three Kaweco Ink Cartridges in the colour Pearl Black.

    Kaweco Standard Ink Converters can be used in this pen if bottled ink is your preference.

    A perfect gift for beginners or those familiar with calligraphy writing.

    Esterbrook Estie Sparkle Fountain Pen - Garnet


    The Esterbrook Estie fountain pen is a tribute to the brand and its storied history. The ͞Estie provides a feeling of 1930s nostalgia, a time when phrases like dingy, dizzy, doggy and brodie were commonplace and when fountain pens were an integral part of life and communication for most Americans.

    The Estie Sparkle features a comfortable well-balanced barrel produced from blended acrylic that is finished with a high polish and features Diamondcast, a process whereby the acrylic is created with real gem-quality diamonds that are ethically sourced as reclaimed chips direct from diamond cutters. Sparkle is the same size as the Oversize Etsie. The cushioned cap closure provides a secondary seal to ensure the nib remains wet and ready to use. The pen is fitted with a German manufactured Jowo #6 nib and is available in sizes Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and 1.1 Stub but can also be used with vintage Esterbrook nibs by purchasing the Esterbrook Nib Connector.

    The Estie takes international standard ink cartridges or bottled ink using the Esterbrook  ink converter, one cartridge and a converter are included.

    Presented in an elegant cloth covered Esterbrook gift box. Stunning.

    Pilot Capless 2020 Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Link Black


    The Pilot Capless 2020 Limited Edition retractable fountain pen is a brilliantly engineered contemporary utensil, steeped both in history and rich in performance.

    The Capless Link Black 2020 Limited Edition goes even further in terms of the total black look. Riding on the revival of Milanese mesh in watchmaking, Pilot have adopted Italian elegance with its body engraved with the motives of the legendary mesh coming back on the bracelets of luxury watches. Satin black engraved body, matte black clip, black satin ring engraved with the serial number and a smoked black ion-plated 18ct gold nib give the Link Black supreme audacity.

    Pure and elegant with its matte black attributes, it draws attention through its simplicity. The Pilot Capless retractable fountain pen is unique - just one press retracts its nib behind a tiny valve. Its shutter guarantees tightness and prevents the ink from drying. The high-precision mechanism that has been perfected since its inception is totally reliable and remains a true innovation never equaled. In over fifty years the Capless fountain pen has become a highly prized and sought after writing instrument.

    A limited edition of just 2,020 pieces worldwide.

    Ferris Wheel Press Brush Fountain Pen - Piccadilly Pink


    Each Ferris Wheel Press Brush Fountain Pen is handmade from copper, brass, and stainless steel for a well balanced yet substantial writing experience. Each intricate detail of the grip is engraved to enhance the tactility and feedback of a design that is bold as brass.   

    The Brush Fountain Pen takes its namesake and familiarity from the contoured silhouette of an artist's paintbrush. This shape was designed for good balance in-hand, while remaining comfortable over a long period of time. These characteristics are valued by every modern day writer or illustrator wanting to use inspiring tools that function as well as they look.

    Drawing parallels to the ferrule, traditionally a metal section that holds the bristles of a brush, the grip section of the Brush fountain pen plays the important role of securing the nib. The spirited etchings on the grip are inspired by the mechanical components of vintage printmaking studio equipment including the flywheel of a 1912 Pearl letterpress and a fully functional Underwood typewriter – the 'original' modern method of typesetting. The fanning geometric lines are analogous to the type hammers of a typewriter, each carrying its own miniature metal type block, waiting to be activated. Similar to the way in which the carriages of a ferris wheel support its riders, the cylindrical carriage of a typewriter transports its paper in a horizontal and circular fashion.

    • Full copper body.
    • Brass grip with CNC etching.
    • Brass nut on cap.
    • Total length: 143mm.
    • Cap length: 57mm.
    • Grip length: 24mm.
    • Total weight: 23g.
    • Nib: Stainless Steel in Medium or Fine.

    Please note this pen has been designed and balanced to write with the cap un-posted. Do not post the cap onto the pen when writing as the threads of the cap can damage the pen finish.

    Piccadilly Pink is one of the 2020 Summer Trio of fountain pens launched by Ferris Wheel Press. Other finishes available - Duck Duck Goose and Spring Violette as well as a variety of other finishes from other collections.

    Supplied with an ink converter, velvet carrying pouch and gift box.

    TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen - White Rose Gold


    The TWSBI ECO is a piston filler type fountain pen that has a nice smooth action, a crystal-clear plastic barrel that reveals the pens inner workings and of course shows the ink level too and is perfect for all types of writing.

    The TWSBI ECO comes with the necessary tools and instructions to strip down the pen should it require a major clean or replacement parts, however, this should not be necessary with normal usage and maintenance.

    Supplied with a rose gold plated nib available in sizes Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and 1.1mm Stub.

    Presented in a TWSBI gift box this is a beautiful pen that makes for a wonderful gift.

    Caran d'Ache 849 Fountain Pen - Red


    The 849’s are always incredibly popular so you can't go wrong with this stunning festive red offering. In keeping with its 849 siblings, the Caran d'Ache 849 Fountain Pen has the traditional hexagonal shape and chrome pocket clip of this iconic range of pens. Elegantly sleek, the 849 fountain pen is sturdy yet surprisingly light with a comfortable balance when in use.

    Supplied with a blue Caran d'Ache ink cartridge and presented in a red Caran d'Ache card gift box.

    S.T. Dupont Line D Fountain Pen (Large) - Atelier Brown Lacquer & Gold



    (on offer - was £860)

    The S.T. Dupont Line D fountain pen is characterised by a gentle curved shape and soft lines that combine to provide a simple, timeless elegance. With well-balanced proportions, this pen has been designed to provide the best writing comfort when held in your hand. 100% hand crafted in France, the Line D features brass components for durability coupled with the opulence of precious materials.

    The Atelier collection is a series of numbered, limited quantity items that showcase the skills of the Dupont craftsmen by using the very best materials available including Chinese lacquers, gold and palladium.

    This Line D fountain pen is the large size which measures 148mm in length with the cap, 133mm without the cap and 164mm with the cap posted, but is also available in medium size to combine writing comfort with any lifestyle. The 14ct gold nib is delicately engraved with the Dupont blazon and is available in a choice of nib sizes.

    This pen comes with one blue ink cartridge and an ink converter should you wish to use bottled ink and is presented in an elegant piano lacquer wooden S.T. Dupont casket with a brass plaque inside showing the items serial number.

    This is something truly special and makes for an exceptional gift for your loved ones. 

    Seasons Greetings from The Hamilton Pen Company

    We hope that you have enjoyed this, our 2020 gift guide. Please explore our online store for more inspiration and gift ideas. A huge thank you to all of our wonderful customers and we wish you all a very merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, a wonderful Kwanzaa, a joyful Yule, a Brilliant Eid  ul Adha and a  wonderful December.




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