Father's Day 2024: Gifts at the Hamilton Pen Company

The Accessory Edition!

Do you have a Father who enjoys the world of pens, pencils and stationery? Find the perfect gift for the father/father figure in your life this Father’s day at The Hamilton Pen Company. 

In previous years we have compiled various gift buying guides and lists, and this year is no exception…gift giving is hard! Looking for something he can use more frequently than the typical "#1 Dad" mug? We offer a variety of products that surpass the usual Father's Day gifts like socks, ties, beard care kits and whiskey glasses, and instead infuse a touch of creativity into your selection. 

If you know with certainty that a writing instrument will win you the ‘favourite offspring award’, shop our full collection of pens and pencils and find the perfect ‘i appreciate you’ pen and watch your siblings kick themselves that they didn’t think of that!

Is it possible for your dad to have too many pens? We don't think so! But if his collection seems to be rivalling that of a stationery store, we have a refreshing idea - explore our range of accessories! 

Selecting the perfect pen can sometimes be as nerve-wracking as one of those daytime tv quiz shows with bright lights and an overly cheerful B-list celebrity host. Questions may pop up, like does he already have this model, or will he even like it? To sidestep this uncertainty, our vast range of accessories offers a practical and fashionable alternative. With everything from book holders, desk tidies, pen cases, pencil sharpeners and a whole lot more…you're sure to find something that hits the spot.

You don't need an extravagant gift to show your love. A simple gesture like refilling his favourite ink, providing classy storage options, or a sincere card can leave a lasting impression. You may even want to treat yourself to some new stationery items to ensure that your card is the best one your dad has ever received (plus it never hurts to give yourself a little gift too! You deserve it!).

Dads often forget to treat themselves, so a unique gift from our collection can bring a smile to his face. Visit The Hamilton Pen Company's website to browse through our extensive selection for more gift ideas, this list represents just a snippet of what’s on offer!  For those dads who value top-notch stationery and accessories, think of us as your personal assistants, prepared to help you find the perfect Father's Day gift. 


Makers Cabinet Høvel Pencil Plane

First on our list is the painfully stylish Høvel, a game-changing pencil sharpener that doubles as a miniature plane! With its unique design, it allows you to craft the perfect pencil point without the fear of snapping the lead - a common issue with your run-of-the-mill sharpeners. Whether you need a long, fine point, a flat edge, or a short, sturdy nib, Høvel's got you covered! Wave goodbye to extra tools because the Høvel comes with an easy thumb screw for hassle-free blade replacements. Crafted from solid brass and weighing in at around 90 grams, it's got a satisfying weight and feel in your hand and it looks great on your desk - the perfect present for a pencil loving dad! Plus, its precision-manufactured brass build guarantees durability and longevity, promising to age beautifully over time. And that's not all - each Høvel comes with 10 replacement blades! But wait, there's more! The Høvel can be paired with an optional wooden base, perfect for desk use and designed to catch those pesky pencil shavings. And for those of you always on the go, we've got specially designed leather sheaths to carry your Høvel safely. Isn't that amazing? 

Blackwing Pencil Point Guard - Triple Set

Another one for the pencil lover...bonus points for Blackwing fans! Prepare to enhance your Blackwing pencil collection with the fashionable Blackwing Point Guard. This stylish accessory fits impeccably onto your sharpened Blackwing pencil, protecting the delicate point from any potential harm while in transit. This makes it an essential item, particularly for those who enjoy carrying their Blackwing stored in a notebook loop for convenience and easy accessibility. And that's not all! The Point Guard set of three is meticulously engineered from lightweight, durable aluminium. This set offers not just one, but three attractive color variants to suit your style - a sophisticated matte black, an eye-catching gold, and a classy silver. Take your dad's pencil game to the next level with this set!


YSTUDIO Vegan Leather Single Pen Case - Various Colours

Your dad is going to love this! The YSTUDIO vegan leather single pen case! Available in 5 eye-catching colours, it features innovative straps and a flexible design that screams style. Crafted from premium vegan leather, it can snugly fit almost any writing instrument, including all YSTUDIO pens!  This striking pen case is going to be your precious pen's best friend, adding charm to your stationery collection. What's more? All YSTUDIO pen pouches are fashioned from groundbreaking TRNEX, a new form of vegan leather hailing from Taiwan. Certified by the European Union's REACH and PETA, TRNEX stands out with anti-hydrolysis, elevated scrape resistance, and water-resistant capabilities. Plus, it's eco-friendly! It's compact, lightweight, and perfect for on-the-go convenience with a flap closure. Dimensions? A handy 170mm H x 38mm W x 20mm D. And guess what? It comes in a signature YSTUDIO gift box. It's an ideal fit for a standard size pen up to about 15cm when capped. What a brilliant gift.


Esterbrook Blotting Paper - Raven

This is the perfect companion to the Estie Raven or just for anyone who enjoys a fun blotting paper (mores if your dad is a Poe fan!)

Esterbrook and artist Anne Nossack have joined forces, crafting a unique blotting paper adorned with raven illustrations. This pack isn't just any pack, it's a quintet of 210mm x 125mm sheets. The plot thickens with two of these sheets being perforated, transforming, if needed, into six 125mm x 70mm miniatures. Talk about flexible and fun! We think this blotting paper is very cool...perfect for Father's Day.

Great Fountain Leather Nib Key Ring - Cobalt Blue and Yellow

Introducing the work of Gabriel Falcinelli, a gifted engineer hailing from Italy, who meticulously handcrafts stunning leather key rings near Milan. Each piece is a testament to Italian craftsmanship, featuring high-quality leather that's individually stitched and laser engraved for a personal touch. These key rings, measuring approximately 68mm x 40mm in leather nib size and boasting a ring diameter of 28mm, are far from ordinary. Imagine the subtle elegance these key rings bring, making them an ideal accessory for fountain pen enthusiasts seeking a sophisticated way to carry their keys. As an added touch, every key ring is thoughtfully packaged in a card gift box, and includes a bonus microfibre polishing cloth. Elevate the everyday with keys that have never looked better. We love the cobalt and yellow colour combination (Also available in Maranello Red and Dark Yellow or Classic Black and Orange).

Objectiza Note Desk Tidy - Walnut

Is your dad the type to have those frantic moments where he's scrambling to find a pen and paper to jot down an idea that's about to slip away? Is his desk absolute chaos and no-one can find anything? Well, the Objectiza Note Walnut Desk Tidy is here to save the day! Imagine a clever little wooden tray, with a sculptural form that's a mash-up of architecture and art, designed just to keep your pen and note block in check. But wait, there's more! This handy desk buddy also corrals those pesky paper clips and sundries that tend to wander off when you need them the most. Handcrafted in Portugal with a whole lot of love and a tiny carbon footprint, every Objectiza piece is a testament to thoughtful design and sustainable practices. Oh, and did we mention the size? It's just right at 170mm long x 100mm wide x 140mm high (with pen in holder). So, say goodbye to desk chaos and hello to your dads new best friend - the Note Desk Tidy!

Objectiza Button Desk Tidy - Walnut

The Objectiza Button Walnut Desk Tidy is primarily a phone stand but its is more than just a phone stand. It's a chameleon, a style guru, and comes in Black, Turkish Blue, or Red inserts. It's got the groovy vibes of a game controller's direction pad, and a rebellious asymmetrical cross-groove design, offering multiple leaning positions for your phone. This little gem isn’t just a treat for your eyes, it’s also the perfect company for video call addicts and minimalism enthusiasts. Straight lines and clean-cut design make it the George Clooney of phone stands, only less talkative. Crafted with love and minimum environmental footprint, right in the heart of Portugal, every Objectiza piece is a testament to our commitment to quality. And to top it all, the Button Desk Tidy fits right in your palm with its cute dimensions of 96mm diameter x 30mm high. Now, isn’t that tidy?


Esterbrook Pen Stand - Tortoise

Meet 'Patience', an antique brass tortoise, your  dad's desk's new conversation starter and guardian of his favourite pens. This petite champion's not just for show, it's a daily reminder to take life slow, steady, and with a dash of determination. Esterbrook has birthed this gem, perfect for those needing a nudge towards patience or a unique gift idea that says more than "I thought of you at the checkout line". Patience isn't just a pen holder, oh no, it's a stylish storage solution for ink cartridges, paper clips, and those little desk thingamajigs that always seem to disappear. Patience is a desk-side mantra whispering 'slow and steady wins the race.' This brass tortoise is more than a pretty face, it's a symbol of strength and resolve, adored by cultures and history buffs alike. It's not just a pen rest, it's a keepsake and a daily reminder that perseverance beats the odds, every time. Remember, in the words of Confucius, "It doesn't matter how slow you go as long as you don't stop." Turn your workspace into a wisdom hub with Patience on your side. 


Troika Aluminium Business Card Case - Gold

A classic for a Classic! Youre sure to be on a roll with this elegant and light weight business card dispenser from Troika. As with all Troika products, it is sleek, chic and impressive! Business cards leave a lasting impression - so do it in style! A quick thumb-flick is all it takes for the ingenious roller mechanism to slide the next business card out of the aluminium case. Your Father will smile every time he pops this out to hand a card to someone!


Esterbrook Book Holder - Nib

Does dad love pens AND cooking...we have a crossover gift everyone will love!

Ever tried to wrestle a recipe book while kneading dough? We've got a solution for you! Say hello to the Esterbrook Book Holder, your kitchen's newest superhero... not to mention a stylish edition to any book. A lifesaver in the kitchen but also a delightful 'thing' for any pen lover. Great for holding open notebooks and journals as well as those sneaky novels that give you thumb ache from holding the pages! This versatile tool is gorgeous. Straight from the 1930s, it's like a vintage nib took a time machine to the future to serve a modern purpose. And guess what? It comes in two flashy costumes - gold and rose gold finishes. Get yours now and make those stubborn books behave!

Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Inkwell

This one is for the Father's who love bottled ink! 

Inject a splash of whimsy into your dads life with Ferris wheel Press' magical glass inkwell! It's not just an inkwell, it's your ticket to a fantastical journey every time your pen hits paper. This modern-yet-vintage gem harbours a gorgeous glass vessel, perched atop a dapper tented metal cap. Give the Carousel a twirl and behold the ballet of colors as your favorite inks dance in a captivating swirl. Whether you're a calligraphy aficionado or merely questing for that elusive muse, the Carousel Inkwell is the Leonardo da Vinci to your Mona Lisa.

The Carousel Inkwell offers several modes: Storage - keeps your ink safe and sound, ready to spring at your next brainwave; Stir - pop the glass on the cap, give it a spin, sit back, and watch your ink waltz. Savour - 2 angled positions to make sure you squeeze out every last drop of creativity. The inkwell’s specs: Height - like two stacked coins, 21mm Diameter - roughly the size of a ping-pong ball, 42mm Volume - holds about half a shot glass of ink, 12ml Height with Cap - a bit taller than a chess pawn, 39mm Thickness - about as thick as a stack of 3 playing cards, 3mm.

Its a real conversation piece and we love it!


Father's Day Gifts at The Hamilton Pen Company

Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, Art Supplies, Bottled ink, Desk accessories ... there are so many options for Father's Day gifts at The Hamilton Pen Company and our sister company The Hamilton Hut.  Reminder: Don't forget a card this June 16th! 



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