Bottled Inks For Summer 2023

Bottled ink is one of life's little joys. From finely crafted outer packaging to beautifully crafted bottles, and inspired ink colours and characteristics - ink is truly the stationery lover's playground. Regardless of whether you enjoy ink for daily writing, special correspondence or even artistic and creative applications - there are literally thousands of options available and one can be forgiven for experiencing something of an ink blindness or decision paralysis when it comes to selecting new inks to try.

Bottled ink is incredibly versatile. It can be used with a dip pen, with artist's brushes as well as filling converters, cartridges and all manner of fountain pens. There are of course limitations when it comes to antique or specialist pens and in particular caution must be taken with inks with additional shimmer or which are prone to sediment. Taking those specific considerations out of the mix, we have been taking a look at some of our favourite inks for the summer of 2023. Obviously this is very tricky with so many options available but we have narrowed down some of our favourites to share with you. This list is purely based on personal preference and feedback so you may agree entirely or think we are a ball bearing short of a ballpoint pen!

The Best Bottled Inks for Summer 2023 - Nature Tones

Dreaming of summer afternoons under dappled sunlight in the woodland or feeling the grass between your toes...check out these stunning green and brown ink shades and become instantly transported to an idyllic summer's day.

Kyoto Inks Kyo No Oto No.08 Fountain Pen Ink - Moegiiro

Moegiiro is a vivid lime-green ink. The colour is symbolic of youth, and during the Heian period it was proclaimed as a colour for young people.

Ferris Wheel Press Ink - Sweet Honeydew

Sweet Honeydew is a beautifully shaded, low sheen, delicate green with yellow undertones.


Anderillium Fountain Pen Ink - Bobtail Squid Green

Actually more closely related to the cuttlefish than to true squids, the bobtail squid is a sparkling gem on the seafloor, brilliant, beautiful and tiny. If you want to be flashy, fancy and colourful like our tiny friend the bobtail squid, get a bottle of Bobtail Squid Green ink!

Pilot Iroshizuku Ink - Sui-Gyoku (Emerald Stone)

Enjoy Japan's rich and subtle colour aesthetic as you write with Iroshizuku fine fountain pen ink. Emerald Stone is a sumptuous rich blue-green - heavenly.

Graf Von Faber-Castell Ink - Cognac Brown


Each ink from Graf von Faber-Castell is manufactured using its own unique formula and the highest quality pigments to produce a vibrantly coloured, free-flowing and partly indelible ink.

The Best Bright Bottled Inks for Summer - Sunny Yellows and Citrus Tones

Freshly squeezed Juice, bowls overflowing with plump ripe fruits and the warmth of the sun are encapsulated with these bright inks.

Nahvalur Explorer Fountain Pen Ink - Mango Sorbet

Inspired by the Nahvalur Explorer Plus fountain pen range, the Explorer inks from Nahvalur are available in 4 subtle colours (including the punchy Mango Sorbet) and come in 20ml glass bottles with wide opening for ease of filling.

J Herbin Ink (10ml) - Corail des Tropiques (Tropical Coral)

This is a very smooth-flowing water based ink manufactured using all natural dyes that result in a very neutral pH level, thus making it particularly suitable for both modern and vintage fountain pens.

Dominant Industry Standard Fountain Pen Ink - Citrus Yellow

Dominant Industry Standard Fountain Pen Ink in colour Citrus Yellow. A beautiful rich ink that is suitable for both dip and fountain pens.

Ferris Wheel Press Ink - Freshly Squeezed Sunshine

The Ferris Wheel Press ink collection has been carefully crafted in a range of distinct colours that will spur both excitement and creativity and will instil a feeling of absolute joy every time you write. This perfect sunshine yellow does exactly what it says on the tin!

Summery Bottled Inks - The Best of Blue

Oceans and skies all the way to the horizon - the bluest blues bring to mind summer holidays, twinkling twilight and cooling waters. Dip a toe into these striking summer blues.

Esterbrook Ink - Aqua

Pink and Purple Bottled Inks - Summery Floral Shades

Sweet treats and fragrant flowers are a joyful abundance in the summer. Experience the delicate richness of summer pinks and purple inks.

Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year 2023 - Rose Quartz

Colours create emotions, light up our fantasies and open up new spaces for our thoughts. The gemstone Rose Quartz shows a fascinating range of colour shades from soft-pink to intense-rosé in its natural appearance. To honour the gemstone Rose Quartz, a lovely ink colour has been created that reflects the wonderful shades found throughout the gem.

Kaweco Ink - Summer Purple

Kaweco bottled ink is perfect for all Kaweco fountain pens fitted with an ink converter, and other brands too. Bright and fun, this purple is a wonderful addition to your summer ink collection.

KWZ Standard Fountain Pen Ink - Raspberry

KWZ handmade fountain pen ink in colour Raspberry from the KWZ Standard ink range. Fruity and fresh - a perfect summer tone.

Ferris Wheel Press 2023 Special Edition Ink - Lunar New Year Purple Jade Rabbit

The Purple Jade Rabbit, a celestial lavender ink that’s illuminated by shimmering silver sparkles. Inspired by the delicate hues of the rare purple jade stone, the story of this precious keepsake is told through the mythical oriental tale of the Moon Goddess and her rabbit.

The Best Bottled Ink Sets for the Summer

For when you just can't decide! These glorious collections bring together sets of bottled ink shades that are as delightful as a summer's dawn chorus.

Wearingeul Fountain Pen Ink - Jeong Ji-Yong Set Of Four Inks

Jeong Ji-yong, often romanised in literature as Cheong Chi-yong, was a Korean poet and translator of English poetry who "opened a new horizon of poetic possibilities through chiselled expression, tempered sentiments, and precise visual imagery" according to the scholar of Korean poetry, Brother Anthony. 

This set of four inks from the Wearingeul Jeong Ji-Yong series features the four inks from the series - A Watery Star, Floating Cloud, The Exile of Flower and The Night Coloured in Grape (glistening version).

Diamine Flower Set of Fountain Pen Inks

The Diamine flower set of inks contains ten 30ml bottles of different coloured inks all named after flowers.

Included in the set is Aster, Bougainvillea, Burgundy Rose, Carnation, Cornflower, Gerbera, Iris, Marigold, Pansy and Tulip.

Monteverde Gemstone Collection Ink (30ml) - Box of 10 Assorted Colours

The Monteverde Gemstone Collection is rich in colour, vibrancy and brilliant hues. The ink is carefully crafted for use in your fountain pen using ITF technology to aid maintenance by improving ink flow and extending cap-off time whilst lubricating your fountain pen feed system.

Supplied in glass bottles with a wide neck for ease of filling your pen, the Gemstone Collection assorted box includes one 30ml bottle of each of the following colours in an elegant magnetic fastening gift box: Sapphire, Olivine, Topaz, Fireopal, Amethyst, Charoite, Erinite, Ruby, Garnet, Onyx

Ferris Wheel Press Ink Charger Set - Dreaming in California

Ferris Wheel Press Ink Charger Sets include three 5ml vials of ink. Each set comes in a curated palette of 3 colours, and are a firm favourite for their portability and collectability. Dreaming in California includes the gentle pink of Malibu Blush, the fresh blue of Blue Yosemite Falls and a spectacular orange in the form of Golden Gate Glow. Fresh and bright - just what summer needs!


Wild Card Favourite Bottled Inks

Summertime is all about fun. These wild card choices are reminiscent of firefly laden evenings, the scents of the Mediterranean and the twinkling of the summer night sky. A treat for the senses.

J Herbin Decorative Ink - Luminescent

Herbin's calligraphy inks are best suited for steel nib dip pens, glass or quill pens, calames or brushes. This glow in the dark ink is great fun for creating arts and crafts work. When dry it is invisible in light but glows a phosphorescent green in the dark!

Perfect for all aspects of calligraphy and artistic work but not recommended for use in fountain pens.

J Herbin Scented Ink (10ml) - Amber (Orange scented)

Fabulous lightly scented fountain pen ink in a handy 10ml bottle.

This is a very smooth-flowing water based ink manufactured using all natural dyes that result in a very neutral pH level, thus making it particularly suitable for both modern and vintage fountain pens. The light scent comes from floral water (hydrosols) produced in Provencal, France which contain no pigments.

Ferris Wheel Press Ink - Stroke Of Midnight

Along with the stars in the sky, write your next fairytale with bursts of fireworks in this ink that captures the excitement of a New Year countdown, and the celebration of hope for a new start!

  • Convenient 38ml glass ink bottle.
  • Rich and saturated tones.
  • Honourable midnight blue with a captivating red sheen and sparkling mixed metallic bursts.
  • Signature brass cap.

Silver flake, being a solid residue, will sink to the bottom of the bottle if unused - simply shake well to rejuvenate. Due to the sedimentary nature of this product we do not recommend you leave it in your fountain pen for prolonged periods of non-use and do not recommend for use in vintage fountain pens with fine feed systems.


Bottled Ink at The Hamilton Pen Company

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