The Bestselling Bottled Inks at The Hamilton Pen Company

Exploring popular bottled inks in 2024

It began one morning, when out of curiosity I began scrolling through the Hamilton Pen Company Ink section wondering which inks are the most popular. The expectation being that amongst the sensible and practical purchases of refills, I would be in a sea of ‘everyday’ ink. Now, I should preface the former by stating that ‘everyday’ inks are a joy in themselves and the purpose they serve is often punctuated by exceptional characteristics, stylish bottle design and the aspects of these inks which serves them well as go-to inks for daily use - whether at work, for daily jottings, or otherwise. I was prepared for oceanic levels of blues and blacks (of which there was an abundance …but the variety amongst them continues to astound) but, what I did find was an absolutely delightful smorgasbord of brands, colours and types of bottled inks! In fact, it was somewhat inspiring. What it showed me (or perhaps reinforced) was that there is so much more to bottled inks than them being the fuel to our tools. The Hamilton Pen Company customers are out in force exploring the wonderful world of bottled inks! Yes, some inks are being used to fill out dull forms or take notes in meetings (that probably could have been an email - am I right!), but what my nosey little search also showed is that some of these inks are leaving Hamilton HQ and are going on an adventure! They are delighting someone receiving a handwritten letter, they are creating art to soothe the soul and also enrage it, they are jotting and doodling and journaling. These inks are forming the innermost genius of their holder into a physical state, they are making sense of ideas and concepts - perhaps most importantly of all…they are embracing the creative.

Anyway, beyond my waffle…I decided that it would be interesting to take a look at the bestselling bottled inks at The Hamilton Pen Company and present them to you all. Are your favourites included? Are there inks you’ve been wanting to try but weren't sure whether you’d like them? Perhaps you are a creature of habit and would efficiently direct your search directly to a particular brand and therefore miss the huge variety available? Regardless, I tasked myself with a rundown of the most popular bottled inks (as of Spring 2024) with a few caveats…

  1. A particular brand could only feature once in my list - the reason being that I wanted to clearly see the most popular ink in each brand and not have an excess of repetition.
  2. The ink must be bottled inks - I am a sucker for the aesthetic and as someone who is new to inks, I am drawn to the ‘book cover’ as it were. (in short -I wanted to look at the interesting bottles!)
  3. No inclusion of out-of-stock products (at the point of writing) - we have all been met with the frustration of reading an article and going to take a closer look only to find the cupboards are bare! Luckily, The Hamilton Pen Company is pretty well stocked so this was not too difficult to abide by.
  4. Omission of ink sets - Ink sets are a brilliant way to sample inks before committing to their full sized versions but the nature of most sets is that they can be personalised, making it hard to discern which inks are actually most popular. For example, the ink charger set by Ferris Wheel Press is the 4th best selling ink and the Pilot Iroshizuku Ink - Boxed Set of Three Mini Inks is actually the number 1 best selling ink at The Hamilton Pen Company. Not one to sit on the fence and not wanting to include inaccurate information I decided to omit sets entirely!
  5. Keep Nigel Happy - again, not too difficult a task for one of the most affable people on the planet, but if I was to be getting my little act of procrastination from my actual duties onto a screen near you, then I would need to stay concise … on this I have failed! I intended to create a top 10 list…there are 20 bottled inks on this list - i’m not even sorry! Dip in and out as you please (pun very much intended), Explore the Hamilton Pen Company website for ink-spiration, or skip this article entirely…up to you!

Let’s take a look! As is tradition with these things, let’s jump in with number 20!

20.Sheaffer Ink - Black

Sheaffer fountain pen ink is an absolute must-have for all Sheaffer fountain pens, and guess what? It works with other brands too! It comes in a 50ml glass bottle with a broad opening, making filling a breeze – and mess-free too! The stocky bottle feels substantial and the ink itself is a deep rich black...perfection.

19.Visconti Ink - Green

How cool is this bottle! Visconti ink is a top-of-the-line choice for your Visconti fountain pen (or any other brand really!) This high-quality ink comes in a distinctively shaped, elegant plastic bottle filled with 60ml of pure writing pleasure. Enjoy the thrill of smooth penmanship in a delightful green hue.

18.Graf Von Faber-Castell Ink - Moss Green

Get ready for the Graf von Faber-Castell fountain pen ink in a stunning Moss Green shade! Every single Graf von Faber-Castell ink is expertly crafted with an exclusive formula and premium pigments, resulting in a colour that pops, flows freely, and is semi-permanent. Plus, it comes in a generous 75ml glass bottle! Now, isn't that something to get excited about?

17.Namiki Fountain Pen Ink - Black

Get ready for a writing experience like no other with Namiki's top-notch fountain pen ink! Perfect for all Namiki and Pilot fountain pens utilising bottled ink, but guess what? It's also a fantastic match for other fountain pen brands. And, it comes in a cool 60ml glass bottle. Unleash your creativity with this superior ink!

16.Caran d'Ache Chromatics Ink - Magnetic Blue


Do not adjust your screens! Every 50ml bottle of Caran d'Ache Chromatics ink is a celebration of colours and a testament to unparalleled expertise! It's not just ink; it's a vibrant, powerful, and utterly irresistible spectacle of hues, spanning the entire colour spectrum. From an explosion of red to a glorious purple, from divine turquoise to a thrilling burst of orange, Chromatics ink leaves a royal impression wherever it lands. Consider each inkwell as a lively prism, dancing with light reflections and magnifying the colour it cradles within. Each colour carries its own personality, whispering tales of exotic voyages and discoveries, taking your imagination on a thrilling journey. The characters spring to life, right from the tip of your pen, making the page come alive! Embrace the Art of Fine Penmanship as it dons a vibrant robe of colours, breathing life into your written masterpieces. And guess what? The uniquely slanted glass bottle makes filling your pen an absolute breeze! Get ready to inject a dose of excitement into every stroke of your pen!

15.Monarca Fountain Pen Ink - Cenote

The sun may be peeking out from behind the clouds from time-to-time, but take me to the Caribbean with Monarca! Get ready for an exciting burst of colour inspired by the enchanting Mexican Caribbean coastline! The Monarca Cenote fountain pen ink, part of the radiant Caribbean collection, captures the essence of sea, beaches, and the mystical cenotes. Imagine a rich red/purple hue, teeming with a mesmerising sheen and shimmer, just like the captivating cenotes filled with water and lush vegetation. But wait, there's more! Each ink comes in a chic 30ml glass bottle and is accompanied by a banak wood pen rest. The colour of the rest may slightly differ from the image, adding a thrilling dash of unpredictability to your purchasing experience. Get ready to dive into the Caribbean charm!

14.S.T. Dupont Ink - Royal Blue

I'm OBSESSED with this ink receptacle! Experience the elegance of S.T. Dupont Fountain pen ink! Packaged in a classy 70ml glass bottle, with a stylish chrome lid adorned with the letter D, it's the ultimate partner for your fountain pen. Brace yourself for the intensity of its colours and the wonderful fluidity. This ink is perfect for all high-quality fountain pens. Royal blue? It sure is! an absolutely gorgeous, regal and rich blue awaits you behind the architectural bottle walls. You're going to love it!

13.Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year 2022 - Apatite

Ok so Pelikan has released its 2024 ink of the year in the incredible Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year 2024 - Golden Lapis (if you haven't already had a look...go check it out!) but the 2022 ink of the year is reigning supreme (for now) as it places 13th in our list.

Packaged in a classy 50ml glass bottle It's made using a unique ingredient that guarantees super smooth writing and ensures your fountain pen is well cared for. Step into a world of colour and emotion! The Ink of the Year 2022 was inspired by the captivating gemstone, Apatite. It's a harmonious blend of blue and turquoise, mirroring the soothing element of water. This vibrant shade will surely let your thoughts flow freely! Did you know that Edelstein means gemstone in German? Each ink colour in their Edelstein collection represents the exquisite hues of different gemstones. Every 50ml glass bottle is a unique piece, with its weight and soft curves making it a joy to hold. Get ready to experience writing like never before!

12.Wearingeul Fountain Pen Ink - Lost

Inspired by Hermann Hesse's magnificent coming-of-age novel, Demian, Wearingeul's ink series captures the spiritual and psychological evolution of a young boy breaking free from societal norms, awakening to self-realisation. Each ink bottle carries the essence of this profound literary journey. Meet the Lost Ink! Just like Emil Sinclair's explorations, this ink showcases a breathtaking colour transformation and separation. Experience Sinclair's psychological conflicts and growth as the ink dries and the colour morphs. Starting as a pastel-toned navy blue, it transitions to an enchanting green, and once fully dried, it unveils a striking yellow emerging from the sea blue hue! Each ink is housed in a 30ml glass bottle, designed with a wide neck for smooth, effortless filling. Get ready to embark on an ink journey like no other! I also adore the storytelling behind all of Wearingeuls creations. As a brand they produce really fine inks with compelling and fun backstories which really adds to the they have some really out of the box concepts! Go explore the full collection - you won't regret it!

11.Faber-Castell Ink - Pink

On Wednesdays we wear pink? Well, every day of the week we can write in pink! Faber-Castell is a brand steeped in history but that doesn't mean they live in the past. Modern, gorgeous and varied inks are on the menu! A playful and bright choice with enough nuance and depth to be taken seriously! Just how I like my inks! And it comes in a dazzling 30ml glass bottle. Get excited to add this to your collection!

10.Waterman Ink - Serenity Blue

Behold the audacious innovators of ink, Waterman, who made history by introducing the first ink cartridge in 1936. Now they've brewed a top-notch fountain pen ink, not just for their own brand's pens, but for any ink bottle-loving fountain pen out there. This elixir of eloquence comes in a 50ml glass bottle, ready to transform your scribbles into works of art. Interestingly, this little gem of an ink was listed in my phones notes apps as it was mentioned in episode two of Guy Ritchie's 'The Gentlemen' which is currently sat in Netflix's top ten watched programmes and is definitely worth a watch if you are a fan of the film and of Guy Ritchie's work in general. Waterman's Serenity blue was selected as the ink of choice by the quirky Billionaire to scribe party indentations...this should be very telling for the ink itself! Anyway...back to the inks.

9.Diamine Standard Fountain Pen Ink (80ml) -Aqua Blue

The detailing on the label of the Diamine Standard Fountain Pen Ink never fails to bring a smile to my face and the fact that it comes in 80ml bottles and probably the largest range of colours possible really widens that smile! The fresh and fun aqua blue is unsurprisingly a favourite for many and the water-based, acid-free and non-toxic chemistry of the ink makes it a pretty universal ink. The glass bottle is a nice touch.


8.KWZ Standard Fountain Pen Ink - Sheen Machine

The KWZ handmade fountain pen ink, aptly named "Sheen Machine" isn't just any blue ink, no siree! It's a dazzling spectacle of red-purple sheen that pops out like a magician from a hat on smooth, quality papers. But wait, there's more! Sheen Machine's formulation is like a secret recipe, protecting your pens from pesky clogs despite being packed with a carnival of dyes. KWZ's in-house ink-vestigators have confirmed: this ink won't stain your ink reservoirs, which is more than we can say for your favourite red wine on a white carpet. And the magic doesn't stop there! This ink writes like a dream, not a sticky nightmare. Pages won't cling together like awkward exes at a party, and there's no feathering, bleed-through or ghosting. It's like your words are walking on air! Served up in a 60ml glass bottle with a wide neck for easy refills, it's a showstopper in the world of fountain pen inks.

7.Anderillium Fountain Pen Ink - Colossal Squid Dark

It's easy to mistake it at first for pitch black, but much like the eerie twilight in the bathypelagic zone, it's merely a nightclub-grade, super-dark hue. This is the stomping ground of the colossal squid, making other deep-sea lovelies quake in their fins. Picture a thousand-pound underwater heavyweight, boasting the largest peepers on the planet, a beak as razor-sharp as a grapefruit, eight armfuls of clawed appendages, and two tentacles adorned with rotating, barbed accessories. Little wonder our forefathers opted for staying in shallow waters. Enter the Colossal Squid Dark Ink, a pint-sized jar of concentrated deep-sea terror, perfect for your next inky project. This 45ml glass bottle, with its convenience-friendly wide opening, promises no squidding around when it comes to refills.

6.Pilot Iroshizuku Ink - Take-Sumi (Bamboo Charcoal)

Get ready to experience the magic of Take-Sumi, the incredible bamboo charcoal! A household staple in Japan since ancient times, Take-Sumi is renowned for its water purification, humidity control, and healing properties. Its rich, deep black colour is a perfect tribute to the traditional Japanese aesthetic. Let's talk about the extraordinary Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi, also known as Bamboo Charcoal. Crafted in Japan, this ink offers an intense dark black colour, a touch of medium black sheen, and commendable water resistance. It's super quick-drying, needing only 40 seconds! Plus, its wet flow makes it an excellent choice for everyday use. You're going to love using this standard black ink! Isn't the bottle a dream! Heavyweight, a generous 50ml and presented in a smart silver gift box...lovely.

5.Cross Ink - Violet

The.colour. of. this! I absolutely love purple shades of ink and this violet hue from Cross is really excellent. The very specific 62.5ml glass bottle feels substantial. This playful ink gives regal vibes - it's a class act! The ink itself behaves beautifully on the page and is a delightful addition to any collection. It is no surprise that it is in our top 5!

4.Kyoto Inks Kyo No Oto No.01 Fountain Pen Ink - Nurebairo

Nurebairo - a debonair resident of Kyoto Inks' Kyo No Oto range - lounges luxuriously in a 40ml glass bottle, smartly attired in a sturdy card box. As for its colour, it's a bit of a chameleon, playing coy with shades of deep blue-black and black. But don't be fooled, it's not just another pretty face. Its rich hue ensures your writing is as clear and bold as a midnight sky. It’s the James Bond of inks – suave, mysterious, and impossible to ignore.

3.Ferris Wheel Press Ink - FerriTales Poison Envy

I was intrigued to see which Ferris Wheel Press bottled ink would be the most popular and I had expected one of the early releases such as Bluegrass Velvet or Peter Moss but it shouldn't really be all that surprising that an ink from the incredibly popular Ferritales collections should top the list. The otherworldly packaging, the high quality inks and the thoughtful and quirky backstories really make these inks stand out from the crowd.

In a 20ml glass globe, broad enough to accommodate most fountain pens, lies the premium, vividly saturated fountain pen ink from their most loved collection! Embark on an exhilarating journey through the sinister corners of the Evil Queen's kingdom, indulging in the captivating charm of her poison apple. Watch in wonder as each pen stroke reveals a deep, velvety purple ink that shimmers with a dazzling green Duochrome glow, casting an irresistible spell of enchantment. Whether spinning a gripping tale or exploring the uncharted territory of forbidden desires, let Poison Envy set an electrifying tone for your tale of treachery and temptation. Ink Tone: A stunning mix of Deep Purple with Duochrome Green and Pink shimmer. Characteristics: Luxurious, jewelled, sultry, duochrome. Get ready for an adventure in ink with poison envy.

2.Parker Quink Ink - Black

It is absolutely no surprise to see Parker Quink right at the top of our list. I had imagined that it would be the iconic Parker Quink Ink - Blue/Black or the striking Parker Quink Ink - Blue (Washable). However, it is the classic and timeless Black Quink that has topped the list. 

Parker developed the ink in the 1930s and the quick drying aspect of the formula made it an instant hit! Over the years it has retained its reputation as one of the highest quality inks on the market. The shapely bottle is instantly recognisable and Parker ink is a staple ink for many the world over. It's a delight to write with and you know you're in safe hands with Parker Quink.


1.J Herbin 1670 Celebration Ink - Emerald of Chivor

Congratulations! You have made it all the way to number 1! It will be of no surprise that a J Herbin ink has placed at the top of the list and those who have experienced Emerald of Chivor will not be at all surprised with its position on our list.

J Herbin's 1670 ink range is so spectacular it deserves a party! Why? It was launched during their 340th birthday bash, so you know it's a big deal. These inks are packed in 50ml glass vessels, available in six "stop-you-in-your-tracks" colours and are as intense as your last workout session. Plus, they've got gold flakes in them, making your writing shine brighter than your stove top after spring cleaning.

But let's talk specifics. Emerald of Chivor? Oh, it's not just any green ink. It's an elegant emerald green ink, sprinkled with gold flecks like a delicious cupcake with sprinkles. But, before you dive in, remember this little golden nugget of wisdom. The gold flake, being the diva it is, might sink to the bottom of the bottle if ignored. Just give it a good shake, and it'll sparkle again. Also, due to its diva nature, don't leave it in your fountain pen for too long, especially not in your vintage ones with fine feed systems. It might throw a tantrum.

A beautiful ink very deserving of its title of most popular bottled ink at The Hamilton Pen Company...for now! 


Bottled Ink at The Hamilton Pen Company

You may now resume your usual programming! Thank you for sticking with me on this run down of the most popular bottled inks at the Hamilton Pen Company. Do you agree with the customers of The Hamilton Pen Company? Is there an Ink you think is missing from this list? Ink is such a personal experience and the list in no way represents which inks are 'best'. Explore and play with bottled inks to find brands, colours and formulas which work for you...go forth with inky fingers and rejoice that we live in an age with so much variety and creativity in the world of bottled inks.

Explore the full (and seriously varied) collection of bottled inks at The Hamilton Pen Company.


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