Gifts for Father’s Day 2023

A Hamilton Pen Company Gift Guide!

It's that time again! Father’s day is fast approaching and it is one of those rare occasions that we get to unabashedly celebrate the fathers, father figures, step-fathers and everything in between. It can be hard to come up with the perfect present and although a good pair of socks is often very much welcomed…we are here to provide a little inspiration for those who are looking for something for the stationery loving dad (who maybe has plenty of socks for now!).

Don’t forget, gifts don’t always need to be a huge gesture, a well written letter, card or a passionately drawn picture will no doubt bring a smile to the face of the recipient so look out for our selection of pens, paper stock and art supplies to add a little pizazz to this years card! That being said, dads deserve to be spoiled from time-to-time so why not treat your father to something special this June 19th!

If you are looking for a special gift or just a little something that says you care, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite gift ideas for Father’s Day 2023. With literally thousands of items on our website, explore The Hamilton Pen Company for more ideas. Look no further for inspiration and our top gifts ideas for this Father’s Day for the Dads who enjoy quality stationery and accessories.


Card Writing Pens and Paper

If, like us, you take great pleasure in selecting and writing the perfect card with a well thought out message, you may want to consider something a little more interesting than that worn out Bic from the back of the junk drawer.

Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight Universe 12 Mix Pack Rollerball Pens

If you have littles in your life who want to get involved in the card writing, or even that you enjoy a bit of whimsy...the Sakura Gelly roll Moonlight Universe 12 pack of colourful gel pens might be the product for you!

Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight Universe pens are perfect for fine lines (0.35mm). The Sakura Gelly Roll contains special water-based pigment gel ink to give bright, intense colours which never fade. Thanks to the unique gel ink technology, the ink flow from the pen is always constant, without exerting any pressure. Moonlight writes well on white, but really comes to life on black paper. Surprisingly beautiful writing, drawing and decorating can be achieved using this set of Gelly Rolls!

  • Suitable on coloured, white, black, matt and glossy paper.
  • Waterproof and chemical resistant.
  • Consistent inkflow throughout the life of the pen.
  • Convenient blister to store the pens and keep them in good condition.

This pack contains one pen each of colours Blue Gray 440, Blue Green 431, Bordeaux 422, Cool Gray 444, Fresh Green 432, Lavender 423, Leaf Green 428, Pale Brown 412, Sky Blue 425, Ultramarine 438, Vandyke Brown 417, Yellow Ochre 415.

Shop Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight Universe Pens


Fisher Bullet Space Pen - X-Mark Chrome

If it's good enough for space travel, it's good enough for writing dads card on the dashboard of your car in the driveway! The Fisher space pen makes for a fantastic gift for dad and the X-Mark chrome is one of our most popular models, so whether you're buying for yourself and all your upside down, water-based and zero gravity writing needs, or as a gift for this Father's Day - know that you can't get much cooler than a NASA approved writing instrument!

Manufactured in Nevada, USA, this pen is produced to exacting standards and utilises Fisher's tungsten carbide ballpoint and patented visco-elastic ink in a pressurised cartridge. As a result, the Fisher Space Pen can write in the most demanding environments:

  • In the zero gravity vacuum of space
  • In extreme heat up to 200°C
  • In extreme cold to -20°C
  • Underwater
  • Upside down
  • On grease

This pen is as iconic as they come!

Shop Fisher Space Pen Collection

Leuchtturm1917 Medium (A5) Hardcover Notebook 

A classic for a classic. The Leuchtturm1917 hardcover notebook is one of our bestsellers and is perfect as either a gift for the man himself, or as a brilliant place to draft your Father's Day card message. 


The 145mm x 210mm medium A5 size notebook from Leuchtturm1917  has a sturdy hardcover, rounded corners, a pocket in the back cover, elastic fastener, bookmark and a thread bound spine. Classic German quality makes this one of our most popular notebooks!


  • 249 numbered pages.
  • Blank table of contents.
  • 8 perforated and detachable sheets.
  • Expandable pocket.
  • Page marker and elastic enclosure band.
  • Thread bound so able to open flat. Sticker for labelling and archiving.
  • Ink proof and acid free paper.

Available page formats:

  • Ruled with 6mm line spacing.
  • Squared with precise 5mm x 5mm boxes.
  • Dotted with 5mm spacing providing guidelines for writing, creating tables and drawings.
  • Plain with nothing but the page number in the bottom corner.

Pen in image for size illustration purposes only and is not included.

Shop Leuchtturm notebooks


Father's Day Gifts Under £20

For a Father's Day gift that won't break the bank, check out a couple of our favourites below. 

Ferris Wheel Press Ink Charger Set

 Does this count as cheating because it's 'technically' three gifts? 

Ferris Wheel Press Ink Charger Sets include three 5ml vials of ink. These are fantastic for travel and also to try out shades before committing to a bigger bottle. Each set comes in a curated palette of 3 colours, and are a firm favourite for their portability and collectability. Although there are many collections available to choose from, our favourite pic for fathers day is Harvest. The combination of Tanzanite Sky, Pumpkin Patch and Jelly Bean Blue is a fun blend of bold and classic. The fun of this gift is that you get to explore the selections to personalise the set to your dads tastes - the added bonus being that the packaging is stunning as it is or very easy to fiddly shapes here!

Shop Ferris Wheel Press Ink Charger Set


Rhodia A5 Rhodiarama Webnotebook

That's right...this high quality and playful Italian leatherette bound notebook is as budget friendly as it is attractive. 

With something of a cult following, the Rhodia A5 Rhodiarama Webnotebook (nicknamed the Webbie!) comes in a range of on-trend colours, has a hardback Italian leatherette cover and features superior quality paper from Clairefontaine that offers minimal feathering and bleed-through when using fountain pens.

  • 90gsm ivory brushed vellum paper
  • 96 sheets, 192 pages
  • Elegant rounded corners
  • Expanding pocket inside back cover
  • Orange ribbon page marker and elastic closure band
  • Embossed Rhodia logo
  • A6 size approx. 90mm x 140mm
  • Thread bound so opens flat
  • Choice of plain or ruled paper

Available in: Black, Taupe, Beige, Anise Green, Turquoise, Sapphire Blue, Iris, Violet, Lilac, Raspberry, Poppy, Tangerine and Orange.

Shop Rhodia 'Webbies'

Nahvalur Crab Pen Stand 

These joyous crustaceans never fail to make me smile so give the gift of fun with these cheeky little pen holders.

The Nahvalur Crab Pen Stand is a delightful little addition to any desk! Available in a range of 4 colours designed to complement the colours of the Nahvalur Original Fountain Pens, these pen stands will ensure you never have to search your desk looking for the pen that has become buried under a pile of papers!

Choose from; Blue, Green, Orange or Purple

Shop Crab Pen Holders

Hightide Penco Prime Timber & Brass Mechanical Pencil 

Is your dad an unconfident but passionate crossword lover? Does Dad enjoy sketching or drawing up designs...does dad need a pencil? If so you can't go wrong with the stylish mechanical pencil from Hightide Penco.

The Hightide Penco Prime Timber & Brass Pencil is the perfect writing instrument for anyone who wants to write with style and sophistication. Made from American cedar, this pencil has a classic feel and balanced weight that makes it easy and comfortable to use. The brass fittings add a touch of warm elegance and will develop a unique patina with time, while the 2mm grade B lead provides strength and durability. Whether you're taking notes in class or jotting down ideas for your next project, this stylish pencil is sure to impress.

This mechanical pencil is 160mm in length, is refillable using 2.0mm lead and comes with a lead pointer. Available in colours; Black, Navy, Red or White.

Shop Hightide Penco Timber & Brass Mechanical Pencil

Parker Jotter Original Fountain Pen

Classic style and elegance is fully encompassed in the Parker Jotter Original Fountain Pen. Perfect for a father who perhaps has been thinking about getting a fountain pen or enjoys writing with a fountain pen and is looking to expand their collection. Don't be fooled by the price tag, the original jotter writes well and is great quality so is perfect as a daily workhorse as well as an occasional tool. 

The modernisation of Parker's iconic Jotter pen is the ideal combination of classic style and functionality to deliver the best writing experience. The Parker Jotter Original is now available as a fountain pen which has a stainless steel cap with arrow pocket clip, non-slip black grip section and a tough plastic body available in a range of colours.

Fitted with a medium stainless steel nib, this pen comes with two Parker Quink cartridges (1 blue, 1 black) but can also be used with bottled ink by purchasing the optional ink converter.

Shop Parker Jotter Original Fountain Pen


Father's Day Gifts Under £50

Look no further for inspiration for special gifts under £50 at The Hamilton Pen Company

Caran d'Ache 849 Claim Your Style Limited 4th Edition Ballpoint Pen - Azure Blue

Quality product - Check, Great Value - Check, Limited Edition - also check! This ballpoint pen has it all... impeccable design, an excellent writing experience and a budget friendly price tag. A perfect all-rounder and guaranteed brownie points this Father's Day.
Let your dad claim his style with the Caran d'Ache collection that makes everyone an artist. With six new attractive, exotic, and original shades the colours are surfing the monochrome wave; pastel or vibrant, stylish and timeless, the 4th edition plays on contrasting textures between satin bodies and metallic clips and buttons.

Fitted with the legendary Goliath refill in blue medium and presented in the Caran D'Ache 3D 849 storage tin.

Shop Caran d'Ache 849 Claim your style 4th edition limited edition ballpoint pen

Andhand Core Ballpoint Pen - Slate Grey

For those with more of an affinity for industrial style, we present the Andhand Core Ballpoint pen! It's sleek and masculine with a modern edginess - perfect for anyone who appreciates minimal design.

The Andhand Core ballpoint pen is elegantly uncomplicated in design and has been crafted from anodised aluminium and tough ABS plastic. This first of its kind pen features a unique retracting mechanism, similar to the humble craft knife, giving it a satisfying analogue feel in use and also making it incredibly easy to refill.

The Core ballpoint pen is refillable with the popular D1 refill which is readily available in multiple colours and tip sizes so you can tune the pen to your daily needs.

The Core ballpoint pen comes fitted with a Schmidt German made black D1 ballpoint refill which gives a pleasing smooth writing action and is presented in a metal gift box.

Shop Andhand Core Ballpoint Pen


Faber-Castell Grip Fountain & Ballpoint Pen Set - All Black Edition

Can't decide whether your dad would prefer a fountain pen or a ballpoint pen? Why not get him both in this painfully cool gift set. Tactile and ergonomic, this set is a crowd-pleaser.

The Faber-Castell Grip Pen Set All Black Edition range has a matt black body with raised dots to assist grip. Features a sleek design which is comfortable to hold. With its signature soft grip zone, sophisticated black plated stainless-steel nib in size Medium and optimum ink/nib combination, the fountain pen glides silkily across the page and takes international standard ink cartridges but can also be used with bottled ink by purchasing the optional ink converter.

The ballpoint comes fitted with Faber's Extra Broad black refill and the set is presented in a classic matt black gift tin embossed with the Faber-Castell jousting knights logo.

Shope Faber Castell's All Black Grip Fountain Pen and Ballpoint set


LAMY logo Ballpoint & Fountain Pen Set with Pen Case 

Whilst we are on the subject of sets...the Lamy Logo Ballpoint and Fountain Pen set is a corker with the addition of a handsome pen case...everything you need to show your pen-loving father that you care this Father's Day.

LAMY logo ballpoint and fountain pen set complete with a black smooth leather storage case. The LAMY logo fountain pen has a polished stainless steel nib available in a choice of sizes, takes LAMY T10 ink cartridges (one blue cartridge included) or can be used with bottled ink by purchasing the optional Z27 ink converter. The LAMY logo ballpoint pen comes fitted with a Lamy black medium refill and can be refilled with LAMY M16 giant refills.

This pen set is presented in a LAMY gift box - throw on a bow and you're good to go!

Shop Lamy Logo Ballpoint and Fountain Pen set


Rosa Gallery Watercolour Paints - Classic Set of 14 Tubes

Perhaps the Father in your life for whom you are looking for a gift is something of an artist! If this is the case, we have a huge selection of amazing art products whether his medium is ink work, crayon, watercolour felt pens or pencil. Check out our full Art collection here. I am particularly fond of the wonderful brand Rosa Gallery. With impeccable colour ranges, high quality paints and incredible pigment...they are the first choice of many artists - whether amateur or established. This classic set is a great choice this Father's Day.

ROSA Gallery Watercolour Paints are made of organic gum arabic and premium finely ground organic and inorganic pigments. This set contains 10ml tubes and is presented in a wooden box.

Most of the colours in the range are mono-pigmented which allow you to create pure shades when mixed.

  • Organic gum arabic provides perfect adhesion and even colour flow.
  • High-quality organic and inorganic pigments guarantee purity and transparency of each colours.
  • High pigment concentration supplies the artist with a wide range of colours from airy transparent to full opaque.
  • Natural drying provides easy dilution and brushing properties.

Classic colours included: Cadmium Lemon 702, Cadmium Orange 705, Cadmium Red Light 706, Cadmium Yellow Light 731, Cobalt Blue 716, Emerald Green 712, Green 711, Indigo 717, Madder Red 725, Neutral Black 724, Sepia 720, Ultramarine 715, Umber 722, Yellow Ochre 719.

Shop Rosa Gallery Art Products


Wearingeul Fountain Pen Ink - Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde Ink Set

For fans of fiction and fun...Wearingeul inks are sure to delight and the Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde set is brilliant! Let your dad feel like a mad scientist this Father's Day!


Written by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson and first published in 1886, the story is about a London legal practitioner who investigates strange occurrences between his good friend Dr Henry Jekyll and the evil Mr Edward Hyde. The 'good and evil separation experiment' carried out by Dr Jekyll is now expressed as the Jekyll to Hyde ink whereby you can transform the ink from a red to a purple by injecting it with the Conversion Solution!

Dr Jekyll ink is a toned down blush red ink that was inspired by the gentle and calm character of Dr Henry Jekyll. It focuses on the coexistence of good and evil that exists within the idealistic character who is not a nice person. Doctor Henry Jekyll was expressed through the calm and static yet not so pure and abstruse colour of the ink.

The Mr Hyde ink is a Do It Yourself ink where like the experiment of Dr Jekyll in which Henry Jekyll turns into Edward Hyde, once you inject the conversion solution into the ink bottle, the liquid turns into ink with a purple base and a green sheen.

The completed Mr Hyde ink has a purple ink base but a green sheen that shows up as it encroaches the dark ink. The ink expresses the evilness of the character as well as the mysterious yet dark and gloomy sentiment through the colour.

This set contains two 30ml bottles of ink, a tube of conversion solution, a syringe and a blunt needle.

Shop the full Wearingeul Fountain Pen Ink collection


The Hamilton Pen Company Father's Day Gifts

Our Top Pick for Father's Day 2023

It's no secret that here at The Hamilton Pen Company we are huge fans of the Objectiza it's not surprising that they provide this years' top gift choice for 2023. Gorgeous, practical and incredibly well designed, all of the products would make for exceptional presents but we have chosen the Desko desk tidy because ... well it's just really beautiful.

Objectiza Desko Desk Tidy - Walnut


The Objectiza Desko Walnut Desk Tidy is a wooden desk organiser that departs from the conventional wooden object for its contemporary style. A surprising gift for any design lover who appreciates the feel of an exceptionally well crafted wooden object. This sophisticated piece of woodworking artistry is the ideal gift for anyone appreciating a unique design.

Objectiza design and make every object from their collection in Portugal where they are individually made with passion and with minimum environmental impact.

The Desko Desk Tidy dimensions are 234mm long x 82mm wide x 27mm high.

Shop the full Objectiza collection


The options are endless for Father's Day gifts at The Hamilton Pen Company and our sister company The Hamilton Hut and we encourage you to explore our website for more ideas and inspiration




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