Celebrating Valentine’s Day with The Hamilton Pen Company: 2023’s Vale

Stationery, Ink and Writing Instruments for the one you love!

This is officially your two week reminder that Valentine’s day is coming up! Romance is in the air at The Hamilton Pen Company HQ and, like us, you might be thinking about getting a gift for someone you love…or even just taking the opportunity to treat yourself. Whether you are in search of a trinket to show your affection or something more akin to a grand gesture, you are sure to find something among the treasure trove of delights available across our world leading pen, pencil and stationery brands.

Valentine’s Day brings to mind the great love letters of history, brought to life with ink set to paper. It will come as no surprise that the love letters between writer Virginia Woolf and English Poet Vita Sackville-West were incredibly beautiful, one which sticks out and is often quoted is a letter from Vita written late January of 1927; 

 "I composed a beautiful letter to you in the sleepless nightmare hours of the night, and it has all gone: I just miss you, in a quite simple desperate human way

Famously, John Keats wrote to Fanny Brawne in 1819, professing;

'I cannot exist without you - I am forgetful of every thing but seeing you again - my life seems to stop there - I see no further. You have absorb'd me.’ 



(Image Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/lifestyle/g552736/top-10-love-letters-of-all-time-churchill-henry-viii/)

And perhaps one of the most famous love letters, often featured in contemporary pop culture was the 1812 loveletter from Beethoven to his unknown love known only as his ‘immortal beloved’, he wrote; 

'Though still in bed, my thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved, Be calm–love me–today–yesterday–what tearful longings for you–you–you–my life–my all–farewell. Oh continue to love me–never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved. Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours’

(Image Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/lifestyle/g552736/top-10-love-letters-of-all-time-churchill-henry-viii/)


Let’s make 2023 the year that we bring back the love letter! The process of selecting the perfect pairing of ink and paper and selecting your favourite pen is part of the expression. The small details are what shows that you care! But why February 14th?

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Also referred to as St. Valentine's day, Valentine’s day is a holiday celebrated on February 14th with the exchange of cards and gifts to express love and affection for one another. There are a few ideas about its origins, one of which is that it is based on the Roman festival Lupercalia which has many similarities. Lupercalia was celebrated mid-February and welcomed the coming of spring, it included fertility rites and (thankfully this is not a similarity) the pairing off of women with men by a sort of lottery! At some point around the end of the 5th century, it is thought that Pope Gelasius I banned Lupercalia with some suggesting that celebrations were adapted and so Valentine’s Day was born. However the true origins of Valentine’s day are vague and it would appear that what we would be familiar with as Valentine’s Day did not really come into existence until the 14th Century.

The version of history that most people will be familiar with is that the origins lie with a Christian martyr named Valentine although there were a few! It is plausible that the holiday takes its name from a priest who was martyred around 270CE by emperor Claudius II Gothicus. The story goes that the priest had befriended the daughter of the jailer and wrote her letters of adoration signed ‘from your Valentine’ - some even claim that the daughter of the jailer was blind until the priest healed her…though one would wonder why the priest would write a letter to a blind woman…I'm not sure he would have had the technology to create a braille letter from a cell. The most common origin story is that the holiday is in celebration of St. Valentine of Terni, a bishop who defied the emperor’s orders to marry couples in secret so the husbands would not be sent off to war - hence why the day is associated with love. It has also been claimed that St. Valentine of Terni and the martyred healer Valentine were the same person. 

Saint Valentine of Terni oversees the construction of his basilica at Terni, from a 14th-century French manuscript (BN, Mss fr. 185) By Unknown author - http://saints.bestlatin.net/gallery/valentine_bnfms.htm, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1341454

By the 1500’s, the holiday was growing in popularity in the Western world with formal declarations of love, or Valentines, commonly being exchanged. Commercially printed ‘Valentines’ cards began to be printed in the 1800s with depictions of the Roman God of love, Cupid along with birds and hearts. Birds were traditionally included as mid-February marked the beginning of the avian mating season. Gifts became a tradition with chocolates and flowers dominating, especially red roses which symbolise love and beauty.  February 14th is the most common wedding anniversary in the Philippines, likely due to the popularity of mass weddings on this day. Celebrating Valentine’s day is big business in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia as well as some South American countries like Mexico & Argentina as well as across Europe and parts of Asia.

Valentine greeting card dated 1909. Image Credit:  Chordboard - Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4310843

Valentines day has expanded beyond celebrating romantic love, expressions of affection among relatives and friends has become more commonplace and it would not be unusual to find school children exchanging valentines on the Holiday. More recently, a breakout holiday has been invented by hit comedy Parks and Recreation which, in 2010, season 2 episode 16, invented Galentine’s Day to be celebrated on the 13th February whereby women celebrate the other women in their lives who they love and support whether they are friends or family.  

Image Credit: NBC Parks and Recreation 2010 s2e16. Image Source: https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2017/02/each-day-is-galentines-day/516408/

Whether you will be celebrating the more traditional Valentine’s day, you are embracing Galentine’s or are just happy to find an excuse to treat yourself, The Hamilton Pen Company’s Valentines Day 2023 Gift Guide is here to inspire you and get the warm and fuzzy feelings flowing this February!  This list includes some of our favourite Valentine’s Day gift ideas but there are hundreds of products available from The Hamilton Pen Company so please do explore our online store for the perfect gift during this season of love!

Valentine's Day Gifts At The Hamilton Pen Company

Enjoy a selection of gift ideas and inspiration from The Hamilton Pen Company. Explore these and other products on our online store to find the perfect gift!

J Herbin Tempête Fountain Pen Set with Ink Selection - Red

You can't go wrong with a pen and ink set and this one from J Herbin sure is delightful! 

This lovely fountain pen set from J Herbin contains their Tempête fountain pen, four 10ml bottles of ink in assorted colours selected to complement the colour of the pen and an eyedropper for filling. The cap and grip section of the pen are coloured but the barrel is clear so that when filled, the pen takes the colour of the ink - and of course you can see how much ink you have left!

This is a great all rounder for anyone who loves to write with bottled ink.

Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen - Scarlet with Gold Trim

Of course we had to include this stunner in our list! The striking design is reminiscent of fluttering rose petals! Tres romantic! 

The Esterbrook Estie fountain pen is a tribute to the brand and its storied history. The ͞Estie provides a feeling of 1930s nostalgia, a time when phrases like dingy, dizzy, doggy and brodie were commonplace and when fountain pens were an integral part of life and communication for most Americans.

The Estie Scarlet pays tribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood and the romantic leading ladies of the silver screen. She’s red to symbolise love, passion, courage and action. She’s elegant, graceful, feisty and a little bit fancy. And while Rhett Butler may not give a damn for her, she’s dear to us. She’s a new love for everyone, but she reminds us of the most singular one: Scarlett O'Hara.

The Estie features a comfortable well-balanced barrel produced from blended acrylic that is finished with a high polish. The cushioned cap closure provides a secondary seal to ensure the nib remains wet and ready to use. The pen is fitted with a German manufactured Jowo #6 nib and is available in sizes Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1 Stub, Scribe and Journaler or 18ct Gold but can also be used with vintage Esterbrook nibs by purchasing the Esterbrook Nib Connector.

The Estie takes international standard ink cartridges or bottled ink using the Esterbrook  ink converter, one cartridge and a converter are included.

Presented in an elegant cloth covered Esterbrook gift box - perfection.

Ferris Wheel Press Ink - Ferritales Adventurine

Valentine's Day should be about fun and whimsy...and this collection from Ferris Wheel Press ticks the boxes!

Ferris Wheel Press have ventured beyond reality to bring to life a wondrous line of fountain pen inks that stretch past the limits of imagination. Dive into Wonderland and conjure your creativity while we help the world Fall in Love with Writing Again. Springing to life from the very pages of your most beloved storybooks comes the FerriTales collection of the finest fountain pen inks.

Captured in 20ml miniature glass globes, this collection of high quality, richly saturated fountain pen ink features a combination of enchanting shades, premium dazzling shimmers, and captivating sheens that will surely play tricks on your eyes. Presented with all new hand-illustrated scenes from classic moments in Alice in Wonderland, every moment has been re-imagined with twists and turns from the Ferris Wheel Press universe. Lose yourself in every detail of Alice’s adventures with her quirky friends and perhaps you will find yourself mirrored in the story!

A great crossover for a loved one who enjoys stationery and literature! 

Yop & Tom Dot Grid A5 Journal - Moon And Stars Blush Pink

Soft and sweet - but this notebook won't leave you needing fillings! The Yop & Tom notebooks are fast becoming a favourite of us here and the fun colours and detailing make these sturdy and attractive notebooks a great gift this Valentines day...other colours, designs and formats are available. 

This lovely journal from Yop & Tom is tastefully embossed with a moon and stars emblem in gold foil and contains extra thick 160gsm paper to prevent ghosting and bleeding. 160 numbered pages, 152 with dot grid.

  • A5 Dot Grid notebook, approximately 148mm x 210mm.
  • Sustainably sourced pure white, acid free 160gsm paper.
  • Sewn binding allows pages to be opened out flat.
  • Contains index, key and pen-test pages and a grid guide.
  • Cover produced from soft-feel vegan faux leather.
  • Ribbon bookmark and elasticated closure band.
  • Envelope in back cover for loose notes, etc.

Monteverde Core Collection Ink (30ml) - Valentine Red

It might be a bit on the nose to include an ink called Valentine 
Red but we couldn't resist. This strong, punchy red is well behaved and will become your go to red ink - especially if you are looking for something special to create a love letter for your own immortal beloved!

The Monteverde Core Collection is rich in colour, vibrancy and brilliant hues. The ink is carefully crafted for use in your fountain pen using ITF䋢 technology to aid maintenance by improving ink flow and extending cap-off time whilst lubricating your fountain pen feed system.

Monteverde Valentine Red ink is packed with emotion and linked to our most primitive needs - you'll tap into desire and love. Supplied in a 30ml glass bottle with a wide neck for ease of filling your pen.

Montegrappa Chef's Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Perhaps a little niche but we do love to provide specialist options! The Montegrappa Chef's pen, apart from being a limited edition of just 999 pieces worldwide, is something a bit special!

Montegrappa, being Italian, has an affinity for fine food, a love seasoned with the utmost respect for the masters of the culinary arts. To celebrate the culture of the chef, a role that has been elevated to the level of rock star, Montegrappa has created a family of pens which present the spirit of the chef in a writing instrument. It begs to compose recipes and shopping lists, or to sign checks in restaurants.

The pen's barrel is produced from a wood-facsimile resin that has been adorned with metal pegs to resemble a chef's knife's handle, while the signature clip is moulded into the shape of a real knife, made in the same stainless steel as used for a real blade. Perhaps the most prominent feature though is the cap which is made of white resin in the form of a typical chef's cap, complete with pleats. The cap top has been decorated with the profession's logo and symbols, formed through contrasting laser-cut engraving.

The fountain pen is fitted with a solid 18ct gold nib, decorated with a Montegrappa filigree etching and is piston-fed.

Montegrappa's Chef's Pen will make the perfect gift for a family member or friend who loves to write as much as he or she loves to cook. Or eat!

Pineider Avatar Rollerball Pen - Devil Red

The Devil is in the detail and Pineider is taking care of the finer details for you with this brilliant Rollerball. This makes for a great daily workhorse or something special.

The Avatar rollerball pen from Pineider is made of pure machined resin with chromium appointments and the signature sprung quill clip. Avatar’s cap ring bears the skyline of the city of Florence representing a loving relationship that lasted for 240 years between the Brand and the city.

The Avatar rollerball pen comes with a black Pineider rollerball refill and is presented in a Pineider gift box -  why worry about wrapping when we can sort that for you!

Objectiza Note Desk Tidy - Walnut


We are huge fans of Objectiza and find all their products to be incredible quality, stylish, and practical. The ideal gift for someone who loves to be organised or perhaps needs a little hint that their desk is getting a little wild!

The Objectiza Note Walnut Desk Tidy is a desk organiser born from the idea of creating an object to hold a pen and a note block, thinking about those moments when you need to quickly take a note but simply can't find a pen and a piece of paper! This object carries an architectural character, a wooden flat tray holding a sculptural form that reminds of a skin that was moulded to its functionality, to hold a writing instrument and to keep small objects like paper clips or thumbtacks. Note comes with a ballpoint pen and note block.

Objectiza design and make every object from their collection in Portugal where they are individually made with passion and with minimum environmental impact.

The Note Desk Tidy dimensions are 170mm long x 100mm wide x 140mm high (with pen in holder).


Graf Von Faber-Castell Ink - India Red


Stunning. The India Red delivers everything you would expect from this world leading brand. Each ink from Graf von Faber-Castell is manufactured using its own unique formula and the highest quality pigments to produce a vibrantly coloured, free-flowing and partly indelible ink. Plus the bottle is gorgeous and very large (75ml) so it certainly makes an impression!


Blackwing Pocket Slate Notebook - Black

A more conservative choice for those less inclined towards the bolder pinks and reds more readily associated with Valentine's day. This modern classic is an absolute workhorse whilst remaining chic.

Blackwing Pocket Slate Journal in colour black with a choice of page format. This superb notebook from exclusive pencil maker Blackwing is the perfect accompaniment to your Blackwing pencils - so perfect it even comes with a matching matte soft graphite pencil, well half a matte pencil to be precise!


  • 160 pages of 100gsm ivory coloured paper, ruled, blank or dot grid.
  • Blank table of contents.
  • Expandable pocket.
  • Page marker and elastic enclosure band.
  • Dual sewn binding enabling the notebook to be opened flat.
  • Wear resistant polymer hard-cover.
  • Canvas spine with elasticated pen/pencil holster complete with matte pencil.
  • Size 105mm x 148mm so just slightly larger than A6.

 we would certainly be pleased to receive this as a gift on Valentine's day.

Blackwing Volumes 192 Limited Edition Palomino Pencils (Box of 12)

To stay on theme we had to include the latest release from Blackwing Volumes.

Blackwing 192 is a tribute to Lennon and McCartney and the estimated 192 songs they wrote together. The colour prism design depicts the convergence of two powerful creative forces. A different Lennon-McCartney lyric is foil stamped on each pencil, for a total of twelve different lyrics in the set.

Revolution © 1968 Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Strawberry Fields Forever © 1966 Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Hey Jude © 1968 Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Let It Be © 1969 Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Helter Skelter © 1968 Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Blackbird © 1968 Sony/ATV Music Publishing
All You Need Is Love © 1967 Sony/ATV Music Publishing
The End © 1969 Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Lady Madonna © 1968 Sony/ATV Music Publishing
With a Little Help From My Friends © 1967 Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Come Together © 1969 Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Dear Prudence © 1968 Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Across the Universe © 1968 Sony/ATV Music Publishing

John Lennon and Paul McCartney combined to write some of the most enduring lyrics of all time. Their songs are ubiquitous, appealing to young and old, from generation to generation. Together, they have influenced the craft of songwriting in immeasurable ways.

As songwriters, Lennon and McCartney complimented each other expertly. Paul’s lyrics often evoked brightness and joy, while John’s supplied a more melancholy spirit. The result is a catalogue of authentic songs that touch on a wide spectrum of the human experience.

Each pencil includes a black ferrule, silver clip, white eraser and Blackwing's extra firm graphite as featured in the Blackwing Natural pencil.

All you need is love...and a Blackwing!

2023 Valentine's Day Gifts at The Hamilton Pen Company

For more ideas and perhaps a little treat for yourself ,why not visit The Hamilton Pen Company to find the perfect gift to tell that special person in your life that you care. Valentine's Day is just one day out of the year to celebrate love in all its many forms, but a thoughtful gift goes so much further. 






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