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Every now and then, a new brand emerges and blows us away. A few years back it was Makers Cabinet and now…Andhand!

Makers Cabinet made waves with their absolutely stunning Hovel pencil plane followed by elegant, beautifully designed and incredibly useful tools like the Iris drawing tool and Stria folding ruler amongst other gorgeous items. There are some similarities between Makers Cabinet and Andhand in that both are creators of stunning stationery and writing equipment with an ethos of designing useful things in a beautiful way and both had made use of crowd funding for product development, involving end-users in the process of design.

Established in 2021, Andhand is the brainchild of Simon Donald and Joe Wentworth who had been working together since 2012 through their co-founded design studio ‘DonaldWentworth’.

Simon Donald (left) Joe Wentworth (right) image credit:

Simon comes from an esteemed academic background with a specialism in Product Design which followed on from several years of industry experience beyond his personal education. He continues to lecture on the BA (hons) Product Design course at Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London alongside his role as co-founder of DonaldWentworth and Andhand.

Joe is a well recognised and experienced design engineer with a solid history in the industry. His early innovations were more connected with the kitchen than perhaps study’s/offices but this background in detail and design aesthetic products for the home clearly comes through in his more recent work with stationery. Joe has his own design company focussing on Industrial design, technical design consultancy, prototyping and product development for various clients as well as his positions as co-founder of DonaldWentworth and Andhand as well as visiting lectureships! Busy busy!

DonaldWentworth is their product design studio where they provide innovative design solutions for a number of well known clients, including; Johnson & Johnson, Joseph Joseph and Pushkin Press and other brands which aren’t named with satisfying alliteration. They won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in both 2014 and 2016, an award which may sound familiar if you are fond of the Leuchtterm Drehgriffel which won in 2020 or if you are a fan of Lamy…which has won this stamp of design excellence several times. 

Simon Donald and Joe Wentworth are about creating innovative solutions rather than just ‘more of’ something which already exists. Their combined skills and knowledge give them a unique approach to design that really shows in the products Andhand releases. They hold the belief that well designed products are timeless and they look to create high quality items that reject the concept of disposable living. Well made products crafted with care from a minimal palette of premium materials to create highly durable and functional items which bring joy - this is the ‘secret’ of their success. 

They saw the opportunity to create a collection of stunning products to wow the world of writing instruments and stationery and this is what they began doing in 2021. Each creation is a beautiful addition to anyone's desk and comes with the confidence of knowing that they have been carefully developed and crafted to function with precision and durability as well as being beautiful! The winning combination!

Andhand deliver on their ethos of buying once buying well and inspiring the inner creative with their modern and painfully stylish pieces that enhance the user experience.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out some of our current favourite products from Andhand…

Andhand Available at The Hamilton Pen Company Online Shop

We have to begin with the hoop tape dispenser! Unique and beautiful whilst being highly desirable...the hoop dispenser really demonstrates the heart of this brand.

Andhand Hoop Tape Dispenser

The all metal construction Hoop tape dispenser takes a simple unassuming form that brings elegance to any desktop space whilst also being an extremely durable and high performing piece of kit. The combination of precision machined aluminium and custom made stainless steel blade ensure a clean cut through the tape. Available in Gold Lustre, Silver Lustre and Slate Grey.

This is a real conversation starter!

Next up is the gorgeously simple yet impactful pen rest which brings together top level function with minimalist design.

Andhand 00 Pen Rest

The OO pen rest from Andhand takes a super minimal form to create a great resting place for any pen. OO is crafted from solid oak and uses a beautifully simple wooden joinery technique to achieve its form. It can double up as a paper weight or several can be stacked for endless desktop amusement. 

Measures 55mm x 45mm x 30mm. Available in Black Oak and Natural Oak

Don't be fooled by the outward simplicity of this product, it is delightfully beautiful and is a fun addition to any desk. 

Another favourite of the Hamilton Pen Company is the Core ballpoint pen...

Andhand Core Ballpoint Pen

The Andhand Core ballpoint pen is elegantly minimal in design and has been crafted from anodised aluminium and tough ABS plastic. This first of its kind pen features a unique retracting mechanism, similar to the humble craft knife, giving it a satisfying analogue feel in use and also making it incredibly easy to refill.

The Core ballpoint pen is refillable with the popular D1 refill which is readily available in multiple colours and tip sizes so you can tune the pen to your daily needs.

The Core ballpoint pen comes fitted with a Schmidt German made black D1 ballpoint refill which gives a pleasing smooth writing action and is presented in a metal gift box.

The Core is a follow up to the popular Method Ballpoint...

Andhand Method Ballpoint Pen

The Andhand Method ballpoint pen is a timeless piece with modern appeal. The all metal construction of this retractable pen has been crafted with precision and features an elegant twist movement revealing a contrast of brass in its retracted position. 

The pen takes the popular Parker style G2 refill which is readily available in multiple colours and tip sizes to suit your needs. The Method pen comes fitted with a black 0.7mm easyflow Schmidt refill - capable of 700 A4 sides of uninterrupted writing. The smooth German engineered ballpoint refill makes this ideal for everyday writing tasks and drawing.

Also available as a mini...

Andhand Method Mini

Both models are available as black, silver lustre or Brass with the Brass option being popular with those who enjoy a pen which takes on the patina of time through its use.

The solid brass body gives the pen a reassuring weight and heirloom quality. The brass is left untreated and will wear and age beautifully, making it a truly individual piece for the owner. Or if you prefer it can be brought back to its original lustre with a polish. Frankly, we think all three options are gorgeous!

If you are in the market for a striking mechanical pencil then Andhand really has you covered with the incredible brass Method Mechanical pencil.

Andhand Method Mechanical Pencil

The Andhand Method mechanical pencil is a timeless piece with modern appeal. The all metal construction of this pencil has been crafted with precision and features a push click mechanism for propelling the 0.5mm lead which is easily refilled. 

As with all Andhand brass pieces the brass is left untreated and is intended to age beautifully, making it a truly individual piece for the owner, or it can be brought back to its original lustre with a polish.

Finally, another more unique piece is the well named Illusion Rule...

Andhand Illusion Ruler

The illusion ruler is a great precision tool for all your linework needs. Its angled profile allows for extremely accurate mark making and measuring in both metric and imperial whilst also making it very easy to pick up from a flat surface. Don’t be fooled by the illusion though, the ruler's unique rhomboid form creates a striking illusion that makes it appear to be as equally deep as it is wide. In addition the ruler is a little heavier than most which is handy when you need an extra paperweight!

Andhand At Hamilton Pens

We are very pleased to be a stockist of Andhand and hope that you enjoy their products as much as we do. Shop the full collection here and explore our extensive range of writing instruments, stationery and art supplies in our online store











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