How to find the item you are looking for

This page is intended to help you find the products you are looking for easily. Understanding the structure of the store will help you in finding your item.

We have broken the store down into various collections/categories. e.g. Brands, Writing, Accessories, Inks & Refills and  Notebooks. Any accessories you require to accompany your pens, notebooks etc will be broke down into sub-collections of the Accessories collection. e.g. Nibs, Pen Cases, Pocket Clips, Sharpeners etc.

On each collection page in the sidebar you will find options to filter the products by. If for instance you are searching for a particular brand you will find that you can filter by brand from the side menu in all collections.
If you have filtered a collection you will need to clear the filter to return the page back to its previous state. You can do this by clicking 'clear' for that filter in the side menu.

An alternative option to find your product is to use our search. This can be extremely efficient if you know the name/model of the item you are looking for.





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